44 yrs of Independance

09 Aug

44yrs old……… yep… im staying home to watch NDP. i never miss the NDP cos of wide array of uniforms……………….. not even the performances excite me, as much as all the military display… cos you know… its the uniform gang!


dont really like this yr’s National Day theme song. but i understand that the generation’s changing. im from Generation Y. but the showbiz needs to cater to ppl from Gen Z. (wonder whats after Z? who ever thought of starting at X…)

but my fav National Day songs are still the songs from my pri and sec sch days… and of course, some recent ones.

Count on me, Singapore (National Song)

One People, One Nation, One Singapore (National Song)

Stand up for Singapore (National Song)

Five  stars arising (National Song)

We are Singapore (National Song)

Reach out for the skies (2005) – Taufik and Rui En

My Island Home (2008)  Kaira Gong

Where I Belong (2001)  Tanya Chua

Home (1998) – Kit Chan

and yes, Home is a really emotional song…… that year, in sch, i was one of those on stage, singing my heart out with the rest of the performers. moving to the beat, hands up in the air, clapping and really just singing my heart out at the finale………..

im proud of Singapore, regardless of all the short comings it has. cos this is my Home. and a huge part of my life. a huge part of me.


you can find other songs in

Happy Birthday Singapore!

the music video of Home reminded me of my childhood days… regular sights of chinese girls with bangs and chinese boys with the helmet haircut. indian girls with braided pleats. malay boys with a few thin strands of long hair at the back……….

ive spent all 28 yrs of my life in singapore, living, breathing, being a Singaporean. all my memories are here. my dreams and emotions.

how painful it would have been for my mom, to leave everything aside in India, and come to Singapore at 21 yrs of age. completely different culture, completely different people and customs. she did get accustomed soon enough and became a citizen. but still, a major part of who i am is my memories of childhood days in singapore. and a major part of who she is, are from memories of her childhood days in india.

on the rare occasions that we still talk abt her life there, she reminisces abt how she used to play with her sisters, leaving behind the youngest one who never fails to complain. how she used to run around the beach and then get scolded by her dad. how her father is so particular abt cleanliness. how her parents got kicked out of her granddad’s place at midnight cos of family politics. (and her granddad’s place was like a palace in those days). abt how her dad had to work so hard to support the family. abt how the worst thing she did was to skip college once to watch a movie with her girlfriends. and the phrase that her friend wrote to her on a book for her wedding gift “the fault finder will find faults even in paradise”… and how she relates a major part of her life to that phrase.

i hope my mom is happy, living in a country she might never call Home. and i could never blame her for that.

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