4G’09 – learners & leaders

08 Aug

“A dynamic community of learners and leader with a passion for learning and a heart for people”

yep, i really do like my sch’s Vision……..

yesterday was Leaders Day celebrated in conjunction with National Day. Of course no parade cos of H1N1. But Leaders Day took centre stage regardless, and i must have been the proudest teacher around that day……….. for one reason…


its unprecedented for a Normal Academic class to have 6  CCA heads…..

Boys Brigade Captain, ‘B’ Div Boys Badminton Captain, Environmental Club President, ‘B’ Div Boys Basketball Captain, 
‘B’ Div Girls Badminton Captain, ‘B’ Div Soccer Captain

when i was their class mentor in sec 1, i hoped that they will carve out a place for themselves in sch/society someday. recommended some for prefectorial board, but none of them wanted to be prefects. submitted some for student sport committee, and 1 got in, though there were some issues.

and now, its my only hope and wish for my class: do well for ‘N’ levels and makes a statement for everyone in NA stream. that your future and progress solely depends on how determined you are to achieve it. whether its in academics or cca or any other interest that you might have.

frankly, once you leave sec sch, no one really bothers whether you are from NA or Exp, whether you are from RGS or a typical sch in the neighbourhood. we all start on the same plane at every new step of our life and its up to us to make the difference we want to see. so i think every NA student must stop the thought that “because we are in NA, we arent as good..”

and here, i want to congratulate all the other ppl in my class who have stepped up to the plate. my chairpersons and other enthusiastic ppl in my class, band recruit IC, Env club treasurer, bball team manager, NCC section IC, etc… you guys have come a long way and have ben recognised. so continue to do right, make good decisions, live by principles, and stay positive always.

CH always said, “leadership is influence”. even after he left this sch, his shadow lingers. because CH was the face of student leadership. i too have much to learn from him. and so do student leaders. remember, dont let pride get to you. there’s still much to learn from everyone else. and humility is a real virtue. once you close your mind to learning and think that you are the best, learning stops. and good leadership fails. so celebrate with humility and dont show off…


4G Jumpshot photo after National Day Celebrations. with some missing in photo.

4G, i’m very proud of all of you, though some of you disappointed me and some of you are still a cause for concern…. but all of you were born as nice kids, and remember that you have the choice of deciding who you want to be…. a role model for others or a piece of trash that no one respects… it’s all up to you…

do not disappoint me with your behaviour / attitude / integrity / ‘N’ level results… and even if i dont follow you guys up next yr, dont disappoint me with your ‘O’ level results…

4G makes things happen!!!

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