arrogance vs humility

02 Aug

heard this quote from a male participant in misschennai and chennai man 2009.

“what you think of yourself when you have nothing and what you think of others when you have everything, is who you are”

struck a chord with me……….

how easy is it to get arrogant when you think you have everything you need. how difficult is it to be humble and learn.

i tell my students that even the lady who sweeps the roads can teach us things. its whether we want to learn.

most of the time we are so preoccupied with how intelligent we are, that we almost ever stop to realise that life isnt abt how intelligent you are. but who you are as a person.

of course i cant dictate how to live, because i dont think i have found the formula myself. but im guessing that self belief and humility must form a major part of it.

not easy isnt it. to have self belief and yet not be arrogant. to be proud of yourself but not proud. to have confidence, but not overbearing. to be intelligent, yet to question. to be a teacher and a student.

who am i when i have nothing? who am i when i have everything?

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