the mere idiocracy of social distancing in schools

30 Jul

1. classrooms

supposing the classrooms are so wide that students can sit 1.5m apart from each other and of course that the teacher’s voice is loud enough to be projected to a classroom where students are seated in rows of 8 and 5 columns. at 1.5m apart from each student, thats maths i cant even do. and of course students dont get banded right? cos the idea is to minimise interaction among the students.

2. recess times

of course that would mean that each class has its own recess time. assuming that 1 curriculum day can be split to provide individual recess times for each of the 40 odd classes that a typical sch might have. now what abt the canteen aunties who dont have to wear masks. they are facing 1000 over students. God bless them.

3. after school activities

and of course, ALL the students will have the discipline to play only as an individual class after sch hours. because students dont have friends who are in other classes right. so they dont mix. and yes, when teachers tell students to maintain social distancing, the newest sport they pick up is tennis. so obedient.

4. supposed allowed morning assembly vs no mass gathering

so whats this about not allowing mass gathering. well………………………….. lets leave it at that. cos you know… we still need to ans to public if things go wrong.

kudos to the highly unsuccessful but highly successful cover-backside-scheme  called social distancing program in schools. and congratulations to the people who actually think its effective. its been 5 weeks too long.

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