jewels of semakau

27 Jul

wasnt in the mood yesterday to post, but had a great trip and did good transects… and what we did after the transects survey was even better… we saw ascidians, crabs, soft and hard corals, plenty of anemonies, snapping shripms and of course, my highlight of the day was my first sighting of an octopus… read on for more info. for pics, check out my deviantart.

this was the briefing… weather was good. great and cooling infact. after a safety briefing, we set off.

learnt 3 new seagrasses today. serrulatus, thalassia and syringodium. the other 2 i learnt last time was called halophilus and enhalus. but walking through the water this time round was quite frankly a little nerve wrecking. we were told to not step on stingrays and stonefishes, which definitely included the possibility of stepping on one under all those seagrasses.

once we ended the transects, it was our time to explore and here’s what i found…!

ascidians on seagrass

Hairy crab

Snapping shrimp in its hole. wasnt able to get a video of it cos these creatures are so sensitive to changes in anything……

fanworm. couldnt get a nicer video of one coming out of its funnel/tube attached to the coral.

octopus: trying to run away. and the same octopus camouflaging. check out the video on my vodpod!

purple and blue sponge. it takes water in through 1 of its hollows and filters out through another smaller hollow… and get all its nutrients it needs…

anemonies!!! anemonemonemo…………..

ive got a video of my playing with this anemone…. believe me, the big anemonies are capable of reeling things (and i mean anything) into themselves…. someone said you can even put your finger into it… of course, i didnt dare. maybe someday i will… video of this in youtube/msspegasus.

my first living bivalve sighting too!!!! dont know which bivalve that was though…

lots of coral pics, am not putting them up. pls see my deviantart if you are intersted.

the whole morning was fantastic, except for the time when i found out i dropped NPark’s walkie talkie…….. gosh i felt damn bad. it was inside a ziplock bag, so supposedly waterproof… but we still needed to fine the walkie… tracked back for so long, got others to help in the combing of the area i did transect on………. and i finally found it after almost 30 min of searching….

the ziplock bag had a hole and the walkie was fully soaked. sigh……

so, what have i not seen yet?? nudibranches, sea stars, sea urchins and sting rays…. till then…


Posted by on July 27, 2009 in i-Happy, i-Marvel


3 responses to “jewels of semakau

  1. ria

    July 27, 2009 at 5:13 am

    WOW! You sure saw a lot of great marinelife!

    I’m sure you’ll see rest of the stuff on your next trips 🙂

    Don’t worry too much about the walkie. For me, safety of people is more important and I’m so glad no one got hurt on our trip.

    See you soon on another TeamSeagrass trip!

  2. artanis71

    August 23, 2012 at 3:46 am

    It’s probably a bi-valve from the pinnidae family…
    (Sorry, just came here, through Google pics, looking for an unusual kind of ascidians I just photographed…)


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