medical conditions you never heard abt

24 Jul

Wim Hof – doesnt feel cold

also called Iceman, this guy doesnt feel cold at all. swam under ice, climbed mountains in shorts, stayed in a container fill with ice for more than an hr… says he practices Tummo, type of yoga that trains your body to create intense heat.

Rhett Lamb – 3 yr old boy who cant sleep…

this condition called chiari malformation, where the brain is squeezed into the spinal column, so the brain stem is compressed. affecting sleep, speech, circulatory system or even the respiratory system. because he didnt sleep all day, for almost a yr, he was very irritable most of the time. he finally underwent an op and he’s still recovering. they had to decompress that part of the brain

ashleigh morris – allergic to water

she cant bathe, swim or have water of any temperature on her skin, cos she gets painful rashes. her condition called aquagenic urticaria is extremly rare. even sweating brings out the rashes. that would be hard to be comfortable with.. this pic above is not hers btw.

Kay underwood – collapses everytime she laughs

she has this condition called cataplexy, where her muscles weaken at strong any emotion felt. even fear, anger, etc. she also has this condition called narcoplexy, which causes her to fall asleep without any warning.

congenital insensitivity to pain

birth defect. problem in which ppl cant feel pain. so if they are injured, and arent aware, they might just bleed to death. included several deaths from the person not being aware of sever internal bleeding and fractures.  some cases of the child biting off his tongue and not knowing it.

i think the pic above is fake though..

moebius syndrome 

unable to form any kind of facial features, cant smile, cant frown, cant show anger, cant laugh, cant even blink their eyes, cant move their eyes from side to side.. its as if the face is paralysed. its congenital, and occurs because the VI and VII cranial nerves are underdeveloped. how do they remedy their unability to blink? that must be torture. ):

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