shark attack again

23 Jul

my previous post on sharks were just pics…

here’s more on sharks.

sharks are fish. but have a few differences.

1. they dont have bones. they contain cartilage instead.
2. they have no gill cover, which most fish have 
3. they dont have a swim bladder, which most fishes have for keeping upright
4. their skin isn’t covered with scales. its covered with denticles, a material thats like teeth. so their skin is rough and hard.

because they dont have a swim bladder, these fish have to constantly move their fins. otherwise, they just sink to the bottom. so you can understand why cutting off fins from sharks just kills them. and its just a really mean thing to do. like how oil pollution kills birds and other marine animals.

anyway, there’s this particular shark however, sandtiger shark, which swallows air. so, kind of helps to keep it afloat.

sharks replace their teeth very often! but of course! imagine violent attacks on other marine organisms and losing their teeth at the first instant! shark teeth are replaced approximately every 8-10 days.

some sharks lay fertilizsed eggs, some sharks keep the eggs in their uterus until its ready to be delivered.

sharks also have electrical sensors that allow them to sense life beneath the sand underwater.

seems that most shark dont attack human, and those instances that there are attacks on humans, its likely due to mistaken identity (like they think you are some yummilicious sea lion) or sense of threat to them. but no, normally they dont attack humans.

nevertheless, ask me to dive into a shark pool, and i might just pee in my pants…

all the sharks eat marine life, ranging from minute to large scale organisms.

irony is, the whale sharks (largest fish in sea) and basking shark (2nd largest) eat mostly plankton (smallest life form in sea) – because their throats are small, and they cant eat anything more than the size of a grapefruit! tiger sharks on the other hand, eat anything they think can be eaten. ppl have found car plate licenses in their stomachs!

Did You Know: a dwarf shark is as small as your hand!

DYK: there’s a shark called swell shark that barks like a dog!

DYK2: sharks dont get cancer, so it seems that their cartilage is being studied in hopes of making anti-cancer drugs.

DYK3: for every human that sharks attack, there are 400000 more sharks being killed by humans. so who’s attacking who now!!! :S 

good. now hopefully ppl eating shark fins soup will stop creating the demand for shark fins soup.

no demand = no supply = no finning of sharks = long live the ocean ecosystem

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