plant that cant photosynthesize! – holoparasites

13 Jul

discovered this non-photosynthetic plant on someone’s blog. first time i heard of it. and you guys should check it out too. it’s great!

read abt Indian Pipe or Monotropa uniflora.

its a parasitic plant that doesnt have chlorophyll. it cant photosynthesize. so it feeds of nutrients that fungus gets. the diagram below explains.

the photosynthetic plant (green) translocates its food. the usual fungus (light blue)  takes some nutrients, and the parasitic plant (dark blue) grabs some from the fungus. 🙂

there are other non-photosynthetic plants. more than 3000 species. snow plant and pine drops to name a few. nice..

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Posted by on July 13, 2009 in i-Bio


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