more weird creatures

10 Jul

remember the glass squid?

here’s more.

Tripod fish – Bathypterios grallator

this is a fish with 3 really long fins. long as in, up to 1 m long fins. 2 in the front and 1 at the back. they stand on their fins on the sea bed most of the time. they feed by standing against the current, which carries small crustaceans and zooplankton. and they hold out their fins. when these organisms hit their fins, the tripod fish push them into its mouth.

Japanese spider crab – Macrocheira kaempferi
File:Spider crab at the Kaiyukan in Osaka, Japan.JPG

aside from its fearsome look, seems that it’s actually quite gentle. as many other crabs, it has 4 pairs of legs and 1 pair fo claws. the frontal claws are actually quite long, and it appears that the width between the 2 claws of a male spidercrab can reach more than 3meters. while the body is only abt 30+cm. guess its weight? 20kg! this crab can deliver a feast! its no wonder ppl in japan eat this thing, as they do (too) many other seafood.  

these things live up to 100 yrs, feeding on dead animals and small shellfish!

ice fish

seawolf – Anarhichas lupus

gory looking? yea. its got dog-like teeth on the front of its jaws that can tear away almost anything. and crushing teeth on its sides, that can be used to crush molluscs. they eat shelled stuff, as well as sea urchins. did i mention they eat crabs? if you check out the videos, they are actually quite cute.

its got really thick skin, needed cos it lives in rather cold temperate waters. seawolfs are good indicators, because it shows that there’s food fish dwelling on the seabed. and they also help to keep in check the number of sea urchins.

well, thats 3 interesting creatures for you… i’ve got 3 more. when i find the time…………..

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