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06 Jul


yes, it’s hit the 1000 mark. and newspapers are reporting the statistics associated with the number 1000. recently there was a question by a concerned parent on the papers on why Indonesia is considered an affected country while Malaysia, which has more cases than Indonesia, isnt. An MOE spokesman replied. now, seriously, ppl around the world should be quaranting those who visited Singapore. and truly, this is embarassing.

the uncertainty of H1N1 and school is disturbing. we’ve submitted Home Based Learning lesson plans for week 2 already. and as we wondered why, it struck us. “for how long is this going to keep up? because we are already busy with bla bla bla…” none of us want to spend time doing something that isnt going to be used.  no one can confirm anything. should situation turn for the worst, HBL is the only way out. O level Orals started last thurs. so far, seems like no student is affected. how long is that going to last?

when will CCA resume? “life must go on…” he says. but with so much “put on hold” how are things going to work? my cadets have exams supposedly scheduled in 2 wks. Sch NDP training has not even started. so overdoing last yr’s parade seems like an impossible task now. social distancing – they say. how do classrooms and recess and pe fit into that?

i wouldnt want singapore to be the last country to have the highest number of cases. we can stop the community transmission you know. but its going to COST singapore BIG time. if everyone was just quarantined at home for a week. or if ppl were not so self conscious and didnt mind wearing a mask in public, things would look alot better.

Michael Jackson.

I agree the comic on Michael Jackson was mean. kind of feel bad. but for someone who doesnt watch MTV, today, i saw the All Time Fav Top 40 MJ countdown. there were a few songs that i remember had touched my heart once..

he did influence the world. good or bad, just like how the whole world knows michael jordon, everyone knew michael jackson. most of this songs had real deep meaning and he appeared like he really evoked his own emotions, nvm the audience. though its mostly paid actors he used as audience in his many music videos, it still was well choreographed and tugged the heart strings. because i dont have 40 fav MJ songs, here’s my top  10 best of Michael Jackson.    

10. They dont really care about us

9. Thriller

8. Smooth Criminal

7. We are the world (medley)

6. Beat it

5. Black or white

4. Heal the world

3. Will you be there

2. You are not alone 

1. Earth Song

 well, he lived. he died. and i couldnt agree more with those who feel he died in the 90s.

AYG 2009.

saw the encore telecast of the swimming finals. turned on the tv just in time to see the girls 4 x 100m medley relay. of course the centre lane team was fantastic. but as the last lap was on, on the last 25 m, this girl came up from behind. she was 5th place while doing the lap. she finished 3rd. she slapped the water and probably let out a scream.

“a Singapore team?” i guessed. it was. i smiled. a simple celebration, the happiness to know that the 4 of them managed to bag yet another medal for Singapore, in an international games meet held in Singapore. i was proud of them. and i was proud of the male table tennis player, clarence. he looked fierce. and i liked the boys volleyball team. they had great teamwork. proud of our female bowlers. and proud of our swimmers and our athletes.

feel bad for that 1 guy who didnt get to represent singapore on track, cos he was waiting for the H1N1 test results, which in the end proved negative… and i feel bad for the guy who was up for the pole jump. the commentator said he could have made it. im thinking that the crowd and popularity got to his head. getting the crowd to clap for him and stuff like that… probably on hindsight, not worth losing his concentration and focus.

what does AYG mean for us? well……. at least we know who our neighbouring competitors are. that girl lee sunae, runner from korea, she’s fast. most of our Team Singapore youths would have competed in the youth games for their divisions held every year. but this is an additional stage to see and compete with the best.

next yr, we might not stand much of a chance in the YOG. not to be sour grapes, but truth is, we still have a long way to go. ppl have just only begun to accept the Sports Sch and Arts Sch. so its only now that we are training our youths in areas other than just academics. but whats more important is that we train our youths in resilience. we dont want to see a repeat of how our youths faltered in the soccer match against 10-player china team (where 1 player got red-carded) and china still went on to win 3-0 (if im not wrong).

perhaps soccer shouldnt be the only game the show on channel 5. im sure other sports should get some coverage too. badminton is shown during aviva open. perhaps they should show sailing too. afterall, the sailing team did bring back medals during the previous international games.

so are we going to see ourselves as a sporting hub? honestly, still a long way to go. we’re trying, i know.


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