eat sustainable seafood

01 Jul

july is “eat sustainable seafood” month…

i had to work hard to find a really good list of seafood that are currently endangered or at the risk of becoming endangered.

i suppose the list isnt exhaustive. there are alot more other seafood that are affected by fishing methods, but i didnt want to complicate things. as a consumer, i think the easiest first step is to not buy things that are seriously endangered. i mean, how many would bother to ask the supplier how and where the fish came from. life is complicated as it is.

BUT, the least we can do, is to avoid eating this list of marine organisms.

atlantic cod – what remains is 10% of this population
atlantic flatfish (flounder, sole and atlantic halibut) – over fished. and i came across this image of a larvae of a flounder, and its transparent. you can see it at the end of this post.
bluefin tuna – most fished fish, seriously endangered
Chilean seabass (other kinds of seabass are fine) – ppl are pirating this fish, its that bad
Grenadier – overfished and fisheries not managed yet. for more info
gulf corvina – vulnerable to global extinction
pompano – overfished
red grouper – overfished
red snappers (any other kind of snappers are fine) – seriously over fished
sea turtles – seriously endangered, most cos of fishing methods. for more info
sharks – because of all ive said in the previous post
spiny lobster – entangles in fishing lines. endangered.
totoaba – vulnerable to global extinction

im happy as long as salmon doesnt get to this list..

resources from Monterey Bay Aquarium and Earthdive. do correct me if my list is inaccurate.

DYK: the red grouper also matures as females first, and if the populations require males, they change gender. they are hermaphrodites too!

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