H1N1 and a new sch term

28 Jun

new sch term starts tomorrow. all schs including mine were busy settling students travel history and status of health over the past week. trs were busy settling home-based learning lesson plans and worksheets for students on 1 week Leave of Absence. on friday, my sch had abt 10 trs on 1 week LoA, who didnt attend the staff mtg. in fact, that was the shortest and most concise mtg ever held. most will be returning this week.

though this isnt a joke, truth is, we are wondering which sch will be the first to report a cluster breakout.

i was supposed to bring students to RP last friday. they won the outstanding award for their research. and im personally sad they didnt get to present their project in front of hundreds. RP’s cluster numbers are over 20, and they are on e-learning. a number of cluster cases sprung up at Tekong and Maju and clementi camp. im actually quite disappointed.

i remember telling my class, “Singapore is fantastic you know. because we tackled the SARS situation so well, we are already fully prepared for a possible outbreak. temperature check points are already up at all airports and entry/exit points and hospitals and i believe the govt will do their best to make sure swine flu doesnt enter our country” yep. that was before swine flu was termed influenza A. and subsequently H1N1.

how did we let the numbers hit 599? thats alot. and i feel betrayed.

over the past 1.5 months, the term social responsibility hasnt just been used in schs. i tell my students to be socially responsible. but there are other ppl who havent. not to blame them, cos i understand that the symptoms might not show until after a few days. by then, ppl might have visited communities of ppl.

i think what made this situation bad is that once infected ppl go out, it isnt going to be easy to do contact tracing. thats how the numbers plumetted.

so while Presbytarian High closes for a week, what remains to be seen is how many new cases spring up in the first week of sch.

many students asked me why MOE doesnt want to hold off the reopening of the sch for another week. “well, that would mean that your sep hols will be gone isnt it? do you really think we are going to shorten 10 weeks into 9 weeks!” i rebutted.

truth is, the numbers are only going to rise over the next few days/weeks, so putting off the reopening for a week will not justify the reopening of sch when the number of cases are higher. besides, AYG starts at the same time. if sch’s close, how can AYG go on?

or maybe we would. cos we have an international responsibility to ensure that Singapore is fully capable of delivering her ends of the deal by completing the program without much compromises. deal with it.

twice daily temp taking, masks, bla bla bla (not at liberty to say)………. monday’s going to be busy, until we clear at least 1 week of no cases in my sch, in my view. by then, at least we can be sure that none of our students brought The Hini (as it is fondly called among us) back to singapore.

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