2 beautiful new organisms

13 Jun

editted post. this isnt a nudibranch. its a flatworm. Thanks to R for pointing out.

but im still writing abt nudibranches. 🙂 often are mistaken for sea slugs. seems that there are many many (many) forms of sea slugs, and ppl do get confused. ive seen a sea slug before. some gooey substance oozing on the rock on low tides. pity i didnt have a camera in 2005.

seems that some nudibranches have toxic stuff on their sides. defense mechanism. definitely needed, because they appear in really bright colours. check out the pics on google images. they are beautiful. some are well camouflaged. some, like this one, is clearly a stand out. hence the need for toxic stuff to ward of predators.

 This is a fan worm. my first sighting of such a creature. never knew it existed.

it wont be right to say that its an animal. its annelid. its not exactly mobile. cos they are attached to rocks or stones or some sort of base. they feed on whatever the tide brings along their way. and they retract when they sense danger. feels somewhat similar to hermit crabs. like they run into a shell.

the video is on my VodPod. i dont have a water resistant camera, so i could only take the pic from the surface. you’ll have to wait till abt 12 sec into the video to realise whats happening.

on doing my research, found out that there’s feather duster worm, spiral fan worm, peacock fan worm. go check it out..

i love inter tidal marine organisms.


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2 responses to “2 beautiful new organisms

  1. muntakaataiscool

    December 25, 2009 at 3:56 am

    Annelids are animals!! They have a blood system AND EVERYTHING-and organs too. theyr’e pretty evolved, compared to the lowest form of a marine animal, the sponge! lol. I think you knew that. (My knowledge is from high school Marine Science.) How do sponges classsify as animal? I don’t think they move anymore than annelidas do yeah? I think they’re said to move when the respirate or something.

    • misspegasus

      December 25, 2009 at 2:20 pm

      well annelids are a type of animal. but, not like a typical animal which ppl would think of. not like cats and dogs! haha… thats why i wrote it as annelid. its just like its hard for ppl to think of corals as ‘animals’, when actually, they arent plants. they do feed. its a whole new concept underwater… 🙂


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