Long tailed macaques

12 Jun

an amazing sight. i was with R and her group of experts. and apparently, no one in her group of experts have ever seen this. you can hear her excitement on the background in the video.

this guy said that he’s heard of crab eating macaques foraging in water during low tide. but its his first time seeing it. apparently, these are the same species of macaques in bt timah hill. to quote him, “the fasicularis living here have extra supplements la.. seafood supplements!”

pity the bt timah hill ones. no crabs for dinner. apparently, their normal diet includes frogs, shrimps and even octopus (eh??).

these are mangrove macaques, and while reading up, i realised they do live neared to lakes and coastlines, and of course forests.

seems that one of their predators is the water monitor lizard. check this out…

a WML was trying to get lucky. these macaques became territorial. stood in a group, you cant see, but there were a few more hanging in the trees. the WML just went in quietly…

i was listening in on their conversation abt macaque’s learned behaviour. apparently, there have been footages of these monkeys beating rice stalks on water. and the rice floats and they eat without having any trouble at all. smart animals.

and the conversation went on to captive dolphins committing suicide. being highly social animals, seems that they do actually really get depressed being kept in an enclosed tank. to the point of banging their head onto the glass pane of the aquarium where they are kept. seems some even dont eat.

i dont know how true that is…. but these are ecologists… they are highly informed and read widely. im really fascinated.

You can find more pics on wildsingapore.

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  1. macromedia

    July 7, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂


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