when does it become too much?

15 Nov

chatted with a collegue abt someone…. who started off ok (top student in certain subjects), and then continuous incidents hurt her and that turned into anger, and suppression of that become so inhibiting that solitude was the only way out for her…… and consequential withdrawal from everyone else……….. that it was so disturbing for us to witness………… how much can the sch help if even the parents are in denial???

sigh…. why do things like this happen….

whats going to happen when she leaves sch……. its a crappy world out there. the kind of monsters you’ll find just dont care whether you rot and die or dismember and die….

and somehow or rather, the root cause of it all is us……… everyone of us. you, you and you.

this whole cause and effect thing is too complicated with interpersonal relationships, further manipulated with personalities of individuals.

scenario 1:

i bully you. you become my dog.

scenario 2:

i bully you. you decide this is what you deserve and live with it.

scenario 3:

i bully you. you become angry and withdrawn.

scenario 4:

i bully you. you become angry and fight me.

scenario 5:

i bully you. you bully others.

scenario 6:

i bully you. you decide never to bully anyone.

scenario 7:

i bully you. you figure bullies should be taught a lesson.

scenario 8:

i bully you. you decide you want authority to take action against bullies.

who’s to say which is right or wrong? how ppl react to situations is really based on past personal experiences. your emotions may be based on primary feelings that are subconscious.

between scenario 1 and 8, how could you blame the person responding to the bully. we are all made differently. yet we all have this perception of what the right thing to do should be. and we think we are supposed to advocate that, regardless of whether we are righteous ourselves. and then we try to understand whats going on with the other person based on our perception of what might have gone wrong….

“we dont see the world as it is. we see the world as we are”

this girl is now getting help. i was so happy to hear it i almost wanted to cry. and i dont even teach her.. though im skeptical abt how much this would work. but, hey, from what my collegue told me, it seems positive.

is it so wrong to be different? is it really?


camp tomorrow, and the day after and the day after…….. the responsibility of holding on to so many keys is frightening….

got a whole lot of mess to settle…. money issues especially….. what more, with the yr ending… we need to close budget by end nov… and we still have thousands to clear….. and this week will just abt sum subtract it all up. camp food, logistics, activities plus topping up our medical supplies…….

bad: i have not even started packing and it’s 10pm now.

good: 15 days for nov to end. im tired. nov needs to end.

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