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08 Nov

for some reason, i always seem to be too eager to ‘offend’ the timetabling committee just when timetabling is due to be done.

anyway, ive been busy. got the whole of this mth and half of next mth planned out. suffice to say, i wont be having any time to myself to do nothing but stone and laze.

Clean and Green Week 2007 was successful. i met Eunice Olsen for the first time and she seems like a really nice person. even my kids liked her. the way she chatted with the kids and all, its like she’s really interested…. 🙂

next up, open house this sat. followed by recee trip for my camp. and then the actual camp. being the DCC is not as easy as it seems. i thought it was just a figure head kind of thing. though the VALs did most of the planning, i got to ensure every loophole is covered and the logistics and stuff. and then staff workplan seminar. and department workplans. and SOWs and official deployments and then im packing off…. and i havent submitted my EPMS either.

i got 2 more courses to attend within the next 2 weeks. and they require work to be done. the umpteenth TLLM course requires the submission of an assignment online. and the AED/CPR course requires the passing of a test.

yet another yr is ending. and i think back and see what ive achieved. what have i done differently that i said i’d do…….. is next yr going to be another routine? ive got a bunch of things i want to try out next yr.

my classes for next yr are more or less settled. unless the new sci HOD finds some other deployment more suited for me. we havent actually officially met her yet. but, i hope things will work out fine.

figuring out that her first assessments of us will probably be the N level results. and then the Os. not to mention some of us were just stunned at the questions at this yr’s pure bio paper. ZERO questions on digestion. 1 question on nervous system. huh!??!?!??! any idea how much emphasis is placed on these topics in the official syllabus by SEAB? i hope the kids could manage. we’re seeing the new trend that exam board is setting. but dont ask me to spot questions. we never do that for the sci dept. learn everything. but the buzz word for the bio papers this yr was, “ENVIRONMENT”… but dont fall for it. trends change all the time. learn everything.

sec 2 streaming results will be out tomorrow. all that hoo-haa on having more bio classes, im glad we reached a settlement. i dont see why we cannot impose an english criteria for students who want to take bio. afterall, “amylase digests starch” and “amylase is digested by starch” have totally different meanings!

not that phy and chem dont require english. but the fact is, bio requires more writing. and if you cant translate your understanding into words, you’re still going to lose your marks.

a few teachers are leaving next yr. from what i understand we arent getting new sci teachers either. sigh. every year ppl come and go.

there’s only 1 teacher who has been with the sch since we shifted. been 12 yrs. all the others are juniors where this sch is concerned. 12 yrs is a long long time. imagine teaching for 10 yrs, and not improving one bit. that would be scary. stagnation is a bad thing. and then there are ppl who are just so comfortable with where they are that they dont want to try new things. perhaps one reason why new teachers are tasked with alot of new schemes and initiatives. would i become stagnant and resistant to change in pedagogy after 5 yrs of teaching? i suppose its up to me to decide who and how i want to be. its always a choice isnt it. but seriously, a teacher cannot stop learning. ever. all these stuff in textbooks, they are old. we go to keep teaching new stuff… so stagnation where teaching is concerned, is a bad sign.

you know there’s this thing that circulates in the teaching fratenity. our kids grow up and leave sch sch/jc, but the teachers dont grow old because we are always teaching the same age groups.

my bond ends next yr. i intend to stay. if i follow my babies, i intend to at least watch them graduate. thats another 3 yrs, plus the results on the 4th yr. but im guessing im going to stay much longer than that. unless something happens.

ok, i should go.. i need sleep. ive been slightly sick for a while now. having headache too. i want nov to end soon….. this yr has been exhausting….

Happy Deepavali to all!

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