carnivorous carnivours

14 Oct

ok, a student of mine gave me this youtube link, which shows piranahs eating a live mammal. now, im eating my toast, and i actually stop chewing to watch the video. and to think i dont normally get disgusted with death…..

so im not putting that link up. the only reason is that the mammal was alive and kicking (literally) when the fish tore him apart. and someone actually purposely put the mammal there and videoed it. i checked up on normal piranah diet, and this mammal wasnt exactly part of the list. though they did say animals.

thats torture. thats cruel…. it wouldnt have been so bad if the mammal was dead. not that fish dont eat live stuff. they do. its just the way life in the animal world is. lions start tearing deer flesh while the deer head is sill moving and stuff like that.. but still, i feel bad… its disgusting……

you can search for it yourself if you are interested… ive given enough clues in this post.

adding on….. at 10pm..

its not that i dont understand that animals in the wild have to kill to survive. its just that, seeing all those Animal Planet and Nat Geog videos on The world’s most dangerous animals and such, its hard to accept that animals have to do such things to survive. as a biologist, i appreciate and admire the fact that different animals use different ways to attack and defend. thats part of the beauty of nature. they each have their defense mechanisms.

anyhow, i just searched for a video on lions attacking, and got to this video on a young buffalo (calf) being eaten alive. then the older buffalo comes back and the lions run away. the calf is still alive, with bits of it torn off, bloody.

its not hard, though, to understand why only the fittest survive. and whatever definitions, ‘fittest’ means, i consider it as not necessarily brutal strength. a well camouflaged animal may survive longer than a stronger one.

and after all is said, its just how the animal kingdom works. for one to survive, another must die. unless of course, they find a way to live symbiotically. which is quite common, btw, until the needs of one changes.

remember the guy who photographed a vulture waiting for a starving child to die? yea, Kevin Carter. while there’ve been many debating on whether what he did warranted such criticisms, i still think its sad. whether what he did was right or wrong, its sad that some parts of the world are in such poverty, that a vulture can sit and wait for a child to die so that it can eat it. such ferocity.

you either kill someone and live, or you die. what choice would you make?

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