my world in 2050

13 Oct

i’d probably be in my dying stages of life. but since PW presentations are over, i can write on this….

traffic will be heavily heavily congested. unless governments worldwide make it a policy that only the richest of the richest can own their personal vehicles, this is going to be a big problem. and when numerous flyovers still do not ease congestion, floating vehicles might be highly probable. and yes, then there’s going to be air traffic problem. new rules and regulations need to be established. otherwise, crashes in the air will cause problems a few meters below on land.

if the ozone doesnt recover, UV light is going to be a huge problem and probably a blessing. while fossil resources on earth are depleting, im sure scientists will find a cheaper way to make solar energy the most common energy source. and of course, that would probably mean that we’d all be wearing clothes clad with some kind of reflective material. buildings and cars and everything outdoor will be able to reflect UV rays. more outdoor activities will be conducted indoors. and as it is, our days are becoming longer, so we’d probably work longer hrs. (what? did you think we’d have more fun time after work?) which is why the idea of changing our biological routine to working at night and sleeping in the day is still not likely.

living space in Singapore might become smaller…. and if we dont sink, we’d probably be looking at sustained living underwater. which might alleviate some issues concerned with hotter temperature and noise/pollution caused by heavy traffic. ppl may just come out to land to work and play, and then go back underwater to their homes. but the idea of us breathing in water is too far fetched. we’d still need air, so we’ll need to ensure enough air pressure inside our waterproof homes to make sure water doesnt enter our homes.

which makes watersports obsolete. we’ll be playing underwater sports. (imagine underwater football).

back to buildings, supposing they are still on land. due to space constrains, we might have retractable structures inside our homes. for example, a built in refridgerator which comes out and then goes back in. of course, thats going to need alot of architectural calculations since we’ll be using space between apartments.

the idea of replacing maids with robots might be possible. the idea of replacing babies with robots is scary though.

we will probably still not have cure for AIDS. but maybe advanced synthetic manufacturing will allow ppl with handicapped limbs to use their limbs again. transplanting organs will be much more superior. so cloning organs might be more widely accepted by the world. which also means that biotech laws need to be more stringent. lest scientists clone for wrong reasons.

which might also mean that certain jobs will be more respected than others. accountanting might become an inferior job, though it is fundamental. but highlights will be from scientists, structural engineers, medicine, energy ppl and maybe astronomers.

so since life on earth is due to be cramped, maybe by 2050, we’ll reach the end of our research on whether we can live on Mars, and maybe even start putting mice on mars.

maybe by then, we’ll be able to clone humans for experimentation purposes. putting clones on Mars to see if human life form can be sustained, to measure the depletion of whatever gas we’ll be breathing in by then. i’d suppose it’ll still be oxygen because to evolve such that we can respire with other gases will take several billion yrs.

interestingly though, with the sun starting to die, maybe the gravitational pull from the sun will be lowered, which means someday, hundreds of yrs later, Earth will be further away from the sun. and maybe Mars will be too cold. and so we’d start researching on living on Venus.

and if the sun does die and become a white drawf (?), we’ll need to find alternative sources of light, because without light, eventually, all the oxygen will be used up.

but thats way beyond 2050. but we might head towards that. dont you think?


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2 responses to “my world in 2050

  1. How to Get Six Pack Fast

    April 16, 2009 at 1:46 am

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

  2. lilyput

    December 2, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    wow, its osum..i wish i could write this kind of essays..


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