what i learnt this week

12 Oct

yes, its exams. and yes, we have marking. but we do have a bit of together time in the staffroom since we are all marking and not in and out of class at all times.

Self defense

GT and KM showed us some really really cool self defense moves. and i did try on a taller karate trained person. and it didnt work. but ultimately, you would realise that in a state of panic, you might not remember all the self defense techniques you learnt. and you probably wouldnt have time to think of the steps to take.

bottom line is, to defend yourself, you need to use your brain to get out of a situation. you dont need a series of steps like, twist his wrist and pull his hand back and down and kick his knee from the back. besides, after you do that, he can always get back at you, (men being the stronger gender most of the time)….

so…. be smart and creative. use anything you can find. know what the painful regions are. crotch, nose, wrist and i think shin also.

and seriously, if you are faced with a karate expert, dont try to fight. if the person is yielding a weapon, unless you are really confident, dont try to fight, cos you’ll probably end up agitating the person so much so that you’ll get hurt.

it is good if you can take a good look at the person. of cos, he might just decide to kill you after that. but it kind of rarely happens in a Singapore context.

do call the police immediately after you are attacked cos the attacker might still be nearby, and there’s a higher chance of nabbing the attacker.

there’s this siren like thing that police have given out. i dont know under what conditions/circumstances. its really loud. we tried it in the staffroom before. its deafening. its meant to alert others. provided the ‘others’ know thats a panic siren. but still, it’ll attract enough attention to get the attacker in a state of panic, and hopefully leave you alone and run.

and………… despite saying all these…. the best way to protect yourself is to be fully aware of your surroundings. if you are walking alone in a back-alley at night, you are giving out phermones to attract trouble. just dont.

so you see……. self-defense……. is all abt using your brains.

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