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24 Sep

one can only imagine the joy of waking up last friday. the first exam. no lessons. some peace and quiet during invigilation.

theres 1 week left for official lessons for the yr. nevermind the sec 3s who have to come back in nov for lessons.

just 1 week. thats all the time we have to cover everything that we need to cover for exams. thats also only 1 week left for students to study.

and for those staying true to your last minute personality, this is the ultimatest last minute.

for those who havent started (assuming you dont know majority of the yr’s syllabus):

1. pls start doing papers. topical revision can only help that much. so dont waste time. do past yr papers. the questions usually test for the same understanding.

2. do not panic when you realise that 1 week isnt going to be enough to cover 30 weeks of lessons.

3. its never too late to start. but i must admit, starting revision the night before the paper would be considered pretty much too late to do anything. but try anyway.

4. rest and sleep well before the exam.

for those who have started revision (assuming you are average in all your subjects):

1. try to push for higher grades in which ever subject you feel most comfortable in.

2. continue to practice to familiarise yourself with the type of questions, so that you will be faster in writing the answers.

3. try to make less careless mistakes. take note of all your previous careless mistakes and remember to not make the same ones again.

4. rest and sleep well before the exam.

for those who have been planning for EOY exams since jan (assuming you have been paying attention and understand mostly everything thats been taught):

1. do not be over confident.

2. do not make careless mistakes in your exams. take note of your previous careless mistakes.

3. do not go into a seizure if you find a question that you totally cannot understand. if you are a mugger, you probably wont be able to answer some questions. so learn to understand the concepts the next time round.

4. rest and sleep well before the exam.

do your best. make this last week of lessons fruitful.

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