why its worth my time and effort.

23 Sep

a note from me to KS and from KS to me. 2 ppl behind us were talking abt some lesson they learnt, with a nice thick book on the circulatory system. and mind you, it was showing alot more than just a heart and valves. the kind of things they were talking abt made me realise they were medical students.

KS’s reply to my note was actually directed at something that happened in sch today. and it reinstated how much influence someone can have on students.

what happened was bad. but something good has come out of it.

anyway, what’s hidden under the Super sugar sachet was an anti-climax. KS continued his reply, “but, they get to SAVE lives though”

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Posted by on September 23, 2007 in i-Happy, i-Reflect, i-Wish


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