moral dilemmas

22 Sep

early in the yr, the question came up… “would you rather have a son who’s stupid but morally upright, or would you rather have a highly intelligent son who’s gay?”

while the ppl in Lorong Late were debating, all stunned at which one we’d prefer…….. the conversations attracted ppl from Chinatown, Cozy Corner and the Land of Far, Far Away.

seriously, which one would you prefer?

and recently, for some reason, the question going around is: would you keep a $1000 note if you find a wallet without any namecard or identification and no one was watching….

A said something, much to MB’s displeasure.

my point of view was this:

alot of the times, alot of us do/dont do things because someone is watching.

would stealing be wrong if

1. no one was watching
2, no one knew
3. there was no laws against theft?

if a $1000 bill had no form of identification, and there was no was the owner could ever get it back, why not keep it? alot of the time, we do things with the motivation of reactions of ppl around us………..

MB said she wouldnt do it even if no one was watching.

i said that too. i wouldnt do it. but, who’s to say that others wont? for whatever ounce of integrity, i mean, anything that comes free and easy doesnt last.

the concept of right and not right is quite subjective. while A was debating his reason for his possible action, the bottom line is, “the money isnt yours”.

somehow or rather, for many ppl, the concept of right and wrong is based on how others would react if they knew you did it. and for many ppl, the doing the wrong thing attracts enough attention, for them to keep wanting to do the wrong thing…. who’s to judge them.

such grey areas. too simple to some, yet too complex for others..

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