Salute the Colours

05 Sep

colours party are made up of different regimental units in the military. for SJAB, these Colours represent the 10 different zones that we have. each zone, a flag, which form up the Colours Party.

the Colours Party is made up of officers (ensigns), escorts and enlistees. the officers are the flag bearers. they bear the flags of their unit. (in the military, examples would include individual formations of the SAF, RSAF, RSN).

so the reason why we salute the Colours Flags is because each of these flags are representing the units and the units’ achievements. they represent the pride of each regimental unit. understand?

however, the Colours Flag are not the most impt. above these regimental units is the President. thats why the Colours Flag are dipped before the President, as a mark of respect.

for the SJAB AGI, the Colours Flags were dipped before the GOH, Minister for State (Education) RAdm Lui Tuck Yew, as a mark of respect.

other than that, everyone else who’s an officer salutes the Colours Flags.

that includes ceremonial drills during the uncasing and the casing of the Colours Flags. this yr’s NDP publically showcased the uncasing of the Colours Flags. just as well, i was lucky enough to see the ceremonial casing of the Colours Flags for SJAB AGI. real cool stuff. and i am envious.

CS (3) asked if i wanted to go for the FDI course. actually i really really really want to. but i think my voice kind of doesnt cut me out for such a position. imagine me shouting “Baris Sediah”. besides, i have to know more than basic FD to train for FDI right?

but anyway, just sharing what i read up on Colours Flags. i suppose army ppl and Flag bearers might know more, so this is just an outsider’s view.

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One response to “Salute the Colours

  1. matthew

    July 23, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    nice pic. i was one of the colour ensigns last year and it was a great experience.

    If you want to know more, there’s a very interesting ebook “Our Army Customs and Traditions”.. you can google for it or email me… tells all about the different ceremonial aspects of the military, some of which are adopted for St John. In fact, for the dipping of colours, only certain officers (Brigadier General and above – in the case of SJAB it would be Supergrade 4) are entitled to have the Colours dipped as part of the General salute.

    anyway if you want to see the uncasing of the NDP Colours, go to Suntec City at about 5.15pm on the preview or actual day…. come early cos its gonna be crowded…



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