fully sick

28 Jul

it always happens in this manner.

if my sore throat lasts for more than a day, i get stuffed nose, runny nose, and cos of all that sniffing, i end up with a headache. by the time im in the middle phase of my headache, my sore throat goes and i get cough. then my stomach ache starts. my nose and head problems go. and then in the 3rd or 4th day, my stomach ache and cough goes….

it is now day 2 of my sick.

my sore throat is now going, but i having a really dry cough and thats hurting me. i have the usual craving for instant noodles when i sick. i would have had it if it were the holidays now. but sadly, its only mid term.

i missed school yesterday. went to get an mc. went to sch to get my markings. thanks to CF who brought down my stuff.

so here’s a pic of a throat thats rather sore. (its not mine… my teeth have lots of fillings)

i think my sore throat started at my pharynx. thats the thing hanging in the middle.

you know, ive all along thought that adenoids help to fight against infections. apparently, there’s much data to show that this is not true for the most part of Man’s life.

so, sore throat normally happens with the tonsils (found on both sides of the pharynx) and/or pharynx being swollen. and most of the time, they get swollen as a result of other causes/infections. like flu. among other reasons why ppl experience sore throat.

for me, this sore throat is caused by dryness. and together with that, some dry cum oily stuff that i ate.   

anyway, common home remedy for sore throats, honey with warm water, gargle with salt water and just drink lots of water. or my everyday school remedy: honey lemon.

my sjab cadets are in sch today rehearsing for NDP and  counting money collected for walkathon. too bad i cant be there… i hope to get better by sunday… i dont wish to miss too much of sch…. cos in wk 7, im on course for 2 full days… thats going to hard to make up for… oh well…

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