23 Jun

according to wikipedia, indigestion is caused by excessive acid accumulation or excessive comsumption of alcohol. now, since i dont take alcohol. my stomach pains must be caused by excessive acid accumulation.

and i do have pain in the xiphoid region, which makes me certain that i probably have indigestion.

the most common way to counter this is to take antacids.

but you know me… i dont like taking pills. so i’d rather find some other natural way to get rid of this excess HCl.

the problem now is this. why is there excessive acid accumulation?

it could be an ulcer in my stomach, or some reflux thingy. or some peristalsis problem. eating too much. eating too quickly. eating high-fat foods, eating during stressful situations.

it cant be that im so highly stressed that my digestive system is revolting right? i dont eat too fast. i do eat too much…. cos i take small amts all the time. overall, it should be too much. but it isnt too much at one go. reflux thing? i dont think so, cos i dont have heartburn. peristalsis problem… maybe.



i really dont want to go for checkups…..

so, im going to give myself 2 mths to get my stomach back in shape.

thats going to include me shitting and peeing at regular intervals. eating regularly. drinking more milk.

talking abt regular excretion and egestion… guess what… on tuesday i have 7 periods, and on wednesday i have 8 periods…. in a day, there’s a total of 10 periods. which means, tues and weds are automatically be my bad mood days…

though i know they will come up with another draft… but still the increase in my deployment will mean i’ll have more periods in a day…. oh well… i still got to take care of my health isnt it…

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Posted by on June 23, 2007 in i-Bio, i-Typical


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