in sick and in sick…

18 Jun

im ill….

i used to have low blood pressure. once i started teaching, i have normal blood pressure. give a few more yrs and i may have high blood pressure.

i hear a ringing sound in my ear now and then…. either my right or my left…  thats bad right…

and then, sometimes when i sneeze, i have this sharp pain below the abdomen. usually on the right. i think i may have appendicitis. but then, those kinds of pains are supposed to persist for hours.. mine’s a sharp, rather short one. maybe one of my kidney’s failing.

and recently, ive gotten gastric pains. and worse, the pains get more severe after i eat. cos all the acids are released? there was one day in sch, when my collegue ordered Mc for breakfast. and after i had my burger, i had terrible pains. i think this is what they call dyspepsia. maybe its peptic ulcer. and i have been having more fart recently. something must be bloating in my body. do i have stomach cancer???

look, this is not meant to be a funny post. seriously, health is the most important thing to a person… and i seriously dont want to be sick in any part of my body.

my healthy diet regime is going good. great. but my exercise regime kind of hasnt even started. im worried man…. whats going on inside that body of mine???

time to go for a checkup.. blood tests…. (eeeeeeuuuuuuu…. needle-o-phobia) endoscopy? not in a million yrs. can you imagine a tube going down your oesophagus, into your stomach, and the whole time you got to sit there with your head straight up…. reminds me of the time when i was learning to do oral feeding for mice. what i tried to put it, usually came out…

to all the mice i’ve (mis)handled

“i am sorry for all that sin ive committed when i was learning to handle you. but i did stop trying to orally feed you the drugs i was experimenting with when i realised i couldnt get it down your throat. im sorry. pls do not come to haunt me. i promise to say a silent prayer before i kill other animals. actually i always do. but im sorry anyway.”

i repeat, this is a serious post. i am honestly getting worried abt my health… 😦

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