Does man rely too much on science and technology to solve his problems?

17 Jun

ok, this was one of my better pieces of work. bear in mind the marks awarded was according to the teacher’s judgement then in relation to the rest of my class. so, do NOT judge my work, or the marks i recieved for this piece of work.

i did not change any errors. original version. pardon the mistakes.

 GP Paper 1: Preliminary Examinations (A Levels)

     There can often by no defined answer to such questions. Man does rely alot on science and technology, but he does so because there is a need for it. When latex from rubber trees were first produced to make tyres, there was an increased demand for it from all over the world. However, when Malaya, the United States’ main latex contributor, went into the Emergency, latex supply dropped dramatically. To overcome this problem, scientists began to produce synthetic rubber for tyres. This formidable nature of human to keep finding alternative ways to alleviate or solve problems is in a way a means to gauge his dependance on science and technology. The questionsis how much is too much. We can measure the degree os dependance by how much we suffer when we do not have the instrument we need.

     Everchanging problems are the only constant man faces in the world, then and today. And we do not know the different ways in which the future can unfold for us and the challenges we might face as a result.

     Then, Man delivered news and information through pigeons and heralders. He then decided that it was too time consuming to keep doing things this was and so he invented the postal system. This has developed so much that today, technology allows us to send parcels within a day and letters within thirty seconda (via electronic mail). If all power supplies failed and man of today had to deliver mails like how they did in the ‘pigeon’ era, that would be the end of him. From the time when man had to rub wood together to start a fire, to a time when we can have portable fire in our hands all the time, we have been pampered so much by the innovation of science and technology.

     How about transportation? Now, we have supersonic jet systems that allows one to travel from one part of the world to another in just a couple of hours. If once took days to travel by bullock carts from state to state. Today, it can be done in less than a day, depending on how accessible the state is. Deprive him of access to such technology, and we will see how deranged he can get. Does this not show how dependant he is on techonlogy to get him across to where he wants to get?

     Machinery is another magic that has come a long way. Machines are used everywhere, from rice mills ro paper printing, from microwave ovens to air conditioners. Machines are part of our everyday life. How easy is it for us to wake up and get instant warm water to bathe, with just a touch of a button? And how hard is it for us to wake up, stand by the stove and wait for ten minutes until the small pot of water gets heated up to our preferred temperature? In fact, how many of us would actually use feathers and ink to write when out contemporary pen runs out of inl? Problems with regards to time and every have almost significantly been eradicated with the involvement of science and technology. And today, we have such high dependance on these areas that we would suffer drastically if we are devoid of them.

     Problems of low crop production was changed with the introduction of high yielding variety and genetically-engineered food. Because of this, we do not depend on the conventional method of crop production. Becaues we have been able to arrest this problem with science and technology, we today, can ensure that life will not cease, or at least in most parts of the world. Cooking methods were time consuming and today, one can cook a complete meal in less than an house.

     Our conspicuous problems with regards to diseases is one that has found a definate answer with the intervention of science and technology. Initially bubonic plagues caused mass murder. Today, with the introduction of traps, insecticides and pesticides, we have been able to greatly reduce this problem. In this area, we look up to science as the God who can help save our lives.

     In fact, undeniably, science and technology has become so involved in our lives, that is would be virtually impossible to live without it. And as much as man depends on science and technology to solve his problems, it also creates new problems which cannot be solved by the pre-stated methods. Because of this high degree of dependance, man has yet to find ways that can ensure his survival shoudl access to science and technology be removed from him. Today, we see that there is no such force that has such capabilities, but as a wise man once said, “In a blooming region and era, pictures painted on how things would go wrong would seem hypothetical and remote. In any way, never underestimate the force of nature. Always be prepared.”

     In conclusion, my point is one that is simple. We have long dwelled in the miracles and marvels that science and technology has brought for us. And it is out perpetual need for the magic of science and technology that has caused this over dependance. But quite frankly, is there any other way to solve our daily problems? We have been shown nthing but this magic since birth. And more often than not, the removal of this magic would cause a big bubble in out lives and a difference to our lifestyle. And I would say that , yes, man does rely alot on science and technology for even basic survival, but that is because there really is no other way man can solve his problems. If this dependance is too much, than man would be taking steps to look at other means of survival. This does not seem to be happening now. So perhaps, it is still not too much yet, although he does rely alot on this form of magic.

– – – – – – – – – –

3 and 1/4 pages within 2 hrs…. with my small handwriting, i think i wrote almost 2000 words.


if i had to write it again, there are some things i’d write differently. the style of writing. quite a number of repititions. maybe a more convincing conclusion… but…

hey, it was my first time attempting to write a science and tech essay. and i normally write personal/individual essays cos i dont like to study for GP. so, given that i didnt study much on this topic… i think i did a pretty good job… you think???


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2 responses to “Does man rely too much on science and technology to solve his problems?

  1. Abimaniyu

    June 17, 2007 at 4:12 am

    Yeah, I will concur that you did a pretty good job with the essay. I like the question you posed: ‘How much is too much’? Because in my most scientific of minds, I think that’s the most redundent question one can ask in the matters relating to Science. Relying alot on Science can be and should be construed as over-reliance because there really isnt any alternatives to what Science has to offer. Do we over-rely on Oxygen? Of course we do, because we do not have an alternative. We cannot take Science out of the lifeform and as long as that is the case, Man will always wieve his web of survival around what Science has to offer. While little doubt is cast on the benefits Science has brought us and therefore Science brings with it unquestionable legitimacy, with no prominent alternatives up for offer, Man will always rely on Science and Tech to solve his problems.

  2. misspegasus

    June 17, 2007 at 9:08 am

    at 4am you can conjure up such a piece of work… your GP essay must have been ridiculously high standard man!!! your language = chim-a-logy!

    since last time, your lab reports where highly bombastic! read me one of your essays someday ok!

    but ya… science is indeed the very reason why we are surviving so well. it cannot be an issue of over reliance. cos we will keep finding things that will be for the betterment of Man.


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