Dummies guide: how to fry fish

09 Jun

step 1: remove wrapper from wrapped fish

step 1: buy fish from supermarket.

step 2: remove wrapper fron wrapped fish

step 3: thaw fish

step 4: attempt to separate frozen (ice covered) fish using salad spoon

step 5: separate fish using salad spoon

step 6: sprinkle spread splash dump whatever you use to marinate onto the fish

step 7: if you realise a salad spoon isnt too good an idea to use to marinate fish, try inserting your hand into a water bag and then massage the stuff you use to marinate onto the fish

step 8: leave for 4 hrs

step 9: pour enough oil, and fry

step 10: warn that ppl must eat the fish no matter how untasty it appears to be, no matter now untasty is actually is.

nahhhhhh….. actually the fried fish wasnt all that bad….. it was traumatic having to see the fish starting back at me.

this alone could be enough to turn me into a vegetarian all my life… can you imagine eating all that muscle. condensed amino acids to form a protein polymer connected by all that peptide bonds……… hmmmm……. meat is actually muscle. imagine someone frying you and then tearing away all that muscle in your body……… gross…..

(forgive the blur pics cos i was snapping with my left hand while cringing my face and pushing myself to deal with raw fish.)


i actually cooked raw fish…

im still not over the shock!

anyway, this frying fish incident happened on thursday. i just didnt have the cable to transfer the pics till now.

today’s menu… (all prepared by ME. ME ME ME!!!)

fishball soup (super nice!!!!!)
prawn curry (super super nice!!!!!!) – my first time cooking curry from scratch. sardines doesnt count since it comes packed with curry. i added whatever i felt like adding. including yogurt. and though it looked cloudy, it actually tasted nice!!!!!!! like, i’m a genuis you know!
stir-fry french beans (ok ok lah)
stir-fry tau (quite nice, for a first attempt)
bitter gourd for lunch (very very nice!!!!!)
cabbage with eggs (super nice!!!!)

oh… im so in love with my cooking! who’d have thought i could actually cook up a proper meal! i actually did a proper meal! oh.. i still am confused over how to make rasam, but… hey… i’ve come a long long way!

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