the way of life

07 Jun

the visitor finally came to my place today…… things will change around my house now.

but while i was cooking for her today, i kept telling myself to not be so negative abt things.

Hindus have this practice. we believe that we should not let anyone leave our house feeling hungry. so even if i dont like this visitor, im going to do what i can to feed her.

i mean generally, the catering to one’s hunger part is understandable. it is said that one should not bite the hand that feeds him. abt being grateful to the person who gave you food/when you were hungry.

 talking abt food….. my mom does not clean our rice cooker at night. she says she was told that it’s not good to keep your rice pot empty. despite several unsuccessful attempts at trying to explain what i thought might have been the reason, she still doesnt clean the rice pot overnight. but hey…

so here goes.

in the Mahabharata, there’s this part which talking at the Pandavas at exile. and at one point, Draupadi paid homage (or did something good) to this sage who granted her boon on having a rice pot that doesnt dry up.

the condition was that the rice pot will continue giving supply of rice, until she washes it clean. thereafter she will not have anymore supply of rice until the next day.

and this was one reason why the Pandavas did not starve while in exile (to my knowledge).

so, it happens that one day, Krishna appeared in the form of an old hungry man (i cant remember the reason why) and was directed to the hut where the Pandavas stayed. upon reaching the place, Draupadi was worried that she might not be able to satisfy Krishna’s hunger since she had already washed the rice pot and kept it for that day.

she went to look at her rice pot to see if there was any rice, and found none. afraid that she might offend the hungry old man, she went out to explain that Pandavas and herself recieved continual supply of rice everyday from the rice pot, but that there wouldnt be anymore rice if she washed it clean for that day. the old hungry man looked into the pot and saw just 1 grain of rice. apparently, she hadnt cleaned it properly. the old man ate it and felt full (because it was sincere? because 1 grain of rice was enough for God?)

i believe it was from this story that the culture/rumours began that it wasnt good to clean and leave the rice pot empty over night. and somehow the belief didnt change when the rice pot became the rice cooker….

but it is interesting to see how beliefs were formed. i may or may not be right abt the origins of this belief, but this is how i look at it.

though it does take a very magnimous heart to serve friend or foe with sincerity…

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