hormones making a whole lot of difference

22 May

you know that thing in your body, that chemical messengers that violate every body cell, the one that comes out when you realise there’s a crocodile on your back…. that thing that gets you all flushed and alert……

ya.. that thing.. that stupid hormone, that stupid adrenaline is kind of clinging on to me at the moment….

you see, its week 10 already. and it doesnt feel like week 10. feels like i still have 3 more weeks to pass. this friday is supposingly the last day of sch. although we all know there’s much to be done in the holidays, which may not always be considered a full holiday.

so im busy everyday this week after sch, except monday, which has passed. suffice to say, im busy everyday this week. thats totally irritating me cos its supposed to be the last week and im not feeling like this is the last week.

and my pent up anger and bad mood is causing loads and loads of adreline to rush out. and it looks like i could last another 10 weeks without a 4 week break inbetween.

why cant my body just release happy hormones like dopamine and melatonin and acetycholine and and endorphins and stuff like that…. argh….

and im not the only one angry today. saw another collegue’s face (not mentioning his name), like i’ve never seen him before. it looked like he wanted to explode. i didnt even dare to talk to him like i usually do. although he was nice and spoke to me nicely, but his face…… was terrible. red and tensed. scary man. wonder what happened.

anyway, im going to go shoot tomorrow. blast off the irritants in my head. i still need to prepare consent forms. die. have to get it done tomorrow! or the kids arent going to get it. oh gosh… holiday assignment! argh argh argh!!!!!!!! maths meeting tomorrow, havent setted my RADAR, review of maths paper, follow up on some students…..

too many things… and my recent spate of bad mood isnt helping. seriously. i feel my mind telling me to revolt. sigh….

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Posted by on May 22, 2007 in i-Sad, i-Typical


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