“Happiness is God given”

12 May

i felt rather light today. emotionally light. i was happy, thanks to last night. sharing my thoughts. reassurance. as crazy as it sounds, i found myself smiling to myself at times. one corner of my lips just raised a little….

happiness is such a privilege isnt it. ppl take happiness for granted. others think they deserve it. others believe they have found happiness, when they are just deluding themselves. i think, most of us spend our lives not realising true happiness.

we complain abt not having a big house, not having a car, not having a diamond bracelet, etc and we forget that there are ppl who dont have a roof over their heads, dont have legs to travel, dont have hands to feed themselves……..

and often times, these are the ppl who have achieved alot in life.

there’s a reason why i dont like to watch shows like True Courage. cos with each story, i feel so guilty. if someone had to go through more trouble than i have, and can still find the strength to accomplish something, then why am i not doing anything abt my life?

seriously, true happiness is not easy to find.

all these material gains that we have and want are not going to make us happy. and it usually the small things in life that make us happy. or make the happiness last.

and happiness also lies in making others happy…….. just a little show of concern. a small written note when someone is tired. a snack to keep someone going through the day. a little pat on the back…… well… i happen to be someone who appreciates such stuff… which is why i try to do little stuff for ppl im closer to.

try doing it…….. it’ll make you happy as much as it’ll surprise the other person….

last yr, for Science Giving and Sharing, i made everyone a star, and i wrote in it, “Blessed are, the pure in heart”.

its actually a phrase from the Mahabharata. though some ppl thought it was a verse from the Bible. but what does it matter….. the meaning is still the same.

i believe true happiness comes with you have no evil intentions, pure in thought, sincere in actions and true to everyone around you……


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Posted by on May 12, 2007 in i-Happy, i-Reflect


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