05 May

i was reading newspaper as i walked into the lift at my floor. there was this mother there, with her son and younger daughter. the boy must have been pri 5 at most.

his sister and him were arguing abt him being so strong that he could carry her bag with his hair.

“carry loh”

then the boy took her bag. the mother laughed. so did i. he laughed too. cos he knew he couldnt win his sister’s challenge.

he hung her bag on his hand.

“see. the hair on my hand is carrying the bag”

both the mother and i giggled.

the sister took her bag back and passed to her mother.

“no. this bag is yours. not mine” the mother said.

“oh ya hor” then the girl carried the bag herself.

the lift door opened and the mother went out. the little girl went out. and i waited for the boy to leave before i left. but the boy then held the “door open” button and signalled with his hand for me to exit first.

i was so stunned i didnt even know whether i should let him leave first, or to accept his graciousness.

i mean, that was a 10 yr old kid! such a gentleman…

i smiled at him and left the lift and and saw him leave the lift.

goodness gracious.

ive never seen a 10 yr old kid use his hand to signal politely for a lady to leave the lift before he did cos he was the only male in the lift.

obviously he must have learnt it from his dad?

seriously, the importance of parenting is beyond anything one could ever imagine. good values. the right behaviour. the right attitude to believe in even in adverse circumstances. there’s so much responsibility in being a parent. one could only know when they are parents.

when you have to be role models for the young ones to look up to. and you have to showcase the behaviours you want them to take on, because they will inevitably see what you are doing and take it as the appropriate thing to do in similar situations.

today as i was walking in line for 67, i saw this pri sch boy, talk to his mother in a very demeaning rude tone. i looked at the mother. as a teacher, i can hardly accept if a student takes that tone on me. what more a parent. and not doing anything abt it is just as good as saying its ok to carry on with such behaviour.

its hard, i must say. congrats to the parents who have brought up their kids well and have given the nation dependable and responsible citizens.

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