star struck: the journey

01 May

dont you think the satellite has been more visible in the recent weeks?

so, satellites are like spaceships you know. they travel in space and transmit pictoral information back to HQ, which most of the time is NASA. but of course other countries, like Russia also have built their own satellites and have sent them up into space. these 2 seem to be the forefront countries in the Space Fight. anyway, i tried to find out how far the satellites are, but there are too many in orbit.

for those who dont know, Google Earth allows you to very generally see the outline of major terrains on earth. try it. its fun, trying to locate where you stay.

so talking abt light yrs, many think that it is a measure of time. i thought so too, until i realised it is a measure of distance. since kilometers and miles are just too small to measure distances in space, they have more units to describe.

one light yr is 9460730472580 km away. thats i think, (errrr… 30 million, 730 million, 60 billion, 460 billion, 9 trillion?) 9 trillion, 460 billion 730 million 472 thousand 580 kilometers away. if my units are right.

so anyway, the nearest star, Sirius is just 8.6 light years away. which means its (8.6 X 9460730472580 = im not so lame as to calculate this…! are you crazy!)

so lets go somewhere nearer.

the moon is abt 384403 km away from earth. which is why markings on the moon (moon terrains) can be so clearly seen with the naked eye. its really big. its 30 times bigger than the diameter of the earth. today’s full moon. go see. the full moon before this was really big and pretty too.

so, it takes abt 2 days to reach the moon. which means it should take more than 24000000 days to reach Sirius. which is abt 65753 yrs. which is abt 657 centuries. thats abt 657 generations on the aircraft, if you assume each person lives a 100 yrs.

anyway, why would anyone want to reach a star?

when all they’d probably see are clouds of gases (mainly hydrogen and helium) and dusts. its not really a piece of land. its just clumps of things floating around.

but you see…. what you are witnessing now actually happened to the star 657 centuries ago you know. what you are seeing now is not happening now. cool ya…

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