star struck: the beginning

27 Apr

you see, im probably a little late on this, but i was reading through articles on the NG website and they mentioned that they discovered a new planet which has the most similar conditions to Earth. so when KM sat near my place while someone else sat on his, i exclaimed.

“hey you know there’s this new planet….”

“ya. i heard abt it.”

and thats the same reaction i got from K and ML and a few others.

anyway, apparently, this planet is 14 times closer to the Red Dwarf than Earth is to the sun. which makes 1 yr on that planet just 13 days long!

then KM said, “so we can celebrate our birthday every 13 days!”

errrr…. that’ll be the most boring events of our lives. frankly, if civilisation were to move to an alternative planet where 1 yr was just 13 days, we’d come up with a new term to denote 30 yrs on that planet.

so, i asked KM what Red dwarf meant. he couldnt remember. so we went online to check. and came to this ABC website forum, where someone asked if Red dwarf was  bla bla bla, and the reply was, “no. thats a Red giant. a Red Dwarf is on the main sequence”. so we went to search on red giants and there was this diagram which showed that there was a red giant somewhere, and a red dwarf somewhere, and guess what… there’s something called the Brown dwarf too! we continued to search. on main sequence. and we came up with this sentence to explain main sequence and each new sentence we saw contained a new term, and each new term we saw was explained by a new term in the sentence.

ARGH!!!!!! major major major TURN OFF!!!!!

lets start with the basics.

the whole universe is big. really big. the universe contains millions of galaxies. we belong to the galaxy called Milky Way. each galaxy contain millions of stars and planets. One of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy is the Sun. One of the planets in the Milky Way is Earth.

so now you know how insignificant we are in the whole concept of things………..

to be continued…..

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