the Kranji spirit

20 Apr

oh yea yea…. sports day today… too heaty! but all went well. no rain, after all the postponed heats cos of afternoon rain.

i dont really like the way selection was done to get runners. there should have been a proper selection. like maybe a track and field team training up these ppl…

i know another teacher also suggested this, but request was turned down cos of other factors, which were reasonable, but didnt mean that it wouldnt work out…

well… Nighthawk has kindly decided to take over Alba’s place…. hehehe… my house moved up to 5th place. all thanks to the Albatross runners who came forward to take part in the races. for the cheer comp, we got 3rd place. i’ll put the videos and pics up soon…

casualities… yea… many. more than the previous years. and a good experience for me, to put theory into practical use, and identifying causes and symptoms… cool!

anyhow… ive finally finished all my PGD stuff. today, im going to work on submitting the SSM, which was due more than 2 weeks ago… and then after that im going to take a rest and read finish my Countdown and return the book and pay my library fines.

and then after that, im going to indulge myself in my marking, while the Choir goes for their SYF judging in less than 2 hrs time.

you know, i really enjoy the emotions i felt when the teachers knew ELDDS was going for SYF, and then Band went for SYF. today is Choir, and next friday will be Dance. i mean, we are all wishing everyone would do well. we say good luck to students we dont teach, and they reply us back.

when i saw a choir girl shouting across to her friend, i literally stared at her. this would be the worst time to lose her voice isnt it! next week, we will all be nervous for Dance team. although some of us have nothing to do with these aesthetics ccas, we still feel nervous, and anxious for them. i mean, the excitement is for the whole school…

well, i wish them all the best! alrightey… i better get back to settling the SSM.

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Posted by on April 20, 2007 in i-Happy, i-Marvel


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