friday 13th saga

14 Apr

you know, there was a yr when i was in sec sch, when i actually took that yr’s calendar and the yr after’s to scan thru for friday 13s…..

crazy as it was, i didnt even know that today was friday 13th until a student pointed it out to me….

now that ive become more matured….. i kinda find it silly.. the whole friday 13th saga… so for the first time im actually researching to find out how this whole silly thing started.

all i know is that there was a movie.

but anyway, lets go beyond that and find out why such a movie was even made…

so… apparently the fri 13 thing started in europe and australia with beliefs in Christianity that friday is a bad day cos that was when Jesus was crucified, friday was also the day that Eve offered the apple to Adam. and such.

the number 13 came across cos there were 13 ppl at the Last supper and the 13th guy was a traitor, which supposedly led to Jesus’ crucification.

Scandinavian belief was that when 12 evil gods were joined with the 13th one, harm befell on humans.

and so friday became the unluckiest day of the week…. and when 13 came, it was even worse.

contrary to that, friday’s actually considered a mangalam day for hindus… why? i’ll go find out soon enough…

so anyway, all these dates just seem overly superstitious to me. ppl predicted that the end of the world would be on the 6th of June 2006… cos it was 666 on that day, which was supposed to be a bad day according to some data. (i wonder if 777 has any meaning)

so anyway, legends as such have been around for yrs.

a ladder against the wall forms a triangle with the wall and ground, and triangles represent the Holy Trinity, and walking through it means breaking it, which makes you the devil.

Black cats are bad cos in Egypt, one of the gods was a black, female cat. the Christians wanted to get rid of all other religions and convinced others that black cats were demons in disguise. so if black cats were demons, and they crossed your path, it means you are cut off from God.

oh well…. i dont know…

bad luck…. i think it can happen anytime… i mean bad things happen anytime. dont tell me that bad things happen only on friday 13th, and never on other days. thats like ultimately ridiculous isnt it…

good things have happened when black cats crossed my path. bad things have also happened. and nothing significantly different happened either…. so… i mean, whats the big deal abt black cats crossing your path right…

hmmmmm….. but they are interesting nevertheless…

and its only 9 days to my E65…. im down to single digits… i cant believe this… from a 4 mth wait to 9 day wait… oh la la….

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