reflections for PGD ceremony

06 Apr

i woke up at 7am today, panicked, thinking i was late for sch, then got up…. realised it was supposed to be a public holiday, went back to sleep….

this is bad…

anyway, there are 3 ppl in sch today… had i known, i would have gone back to clear the himalayan pile of markings i have.. but i suppose its ok to rest for a day..

being more awake now, im happy the PGD ceremony went well… i really appreciate the PA crew… i never really thought they had so much to do, until i worked with them for the past 2 rehearsals and the actual event… and those ppl who were active, i extend a big Thank You… ppl like Jeremy, Jie Kai, Aiye, Shukur, Noor, among many others…

i feel really proud of them.. they had the skills to take the task as their responsibility, work hand in hand with the organisers and give them what they wanted. they were serious in their work and ran up and down to ensure the technical parts of the event went well…. most ppl dont think too much of NT kids, but these ppl have proven them wrong… keep it up! im proud of you…

its the first major event that ive been part of as a member of the organising committee… i made a few mistakes, because of oversight, but in the end, it all worked out well… if i was in this committee again next yr, there ar definitely things i’ll pre-empt… and thats where we learn…

each time we do something, we reflect and see how we could have done them better, how best it could be done, whats the most efficient way to settle things..

the leaders day part was great. seeing ex-co members of the SSC standing with pride and walking down the hall filled me with so much emotion. really respect CH who handed these ppl and taught them to be leaders, effective leaders… these kids take pride in the things they organise… when i saw them walking down, some with blazers, some in their uniforms, i was so proud of them. it was their day…..

ive gained a great deal of experience from this event…. im glad i was part of this… as for my thoughts abt a few others, my friend said, “just do what your heart says and dont care abt those who dont give more…”

i totally agree…. life is never going to be fulfilling unless we give more than what is expected of us…. thats where the meaning of life lies… thats when life becomes enriching…

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Posted by on April 6, 2007 in i-Happy, i-Reflect


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