end of the world (on a serious note)

06 Apr

among the many failed predictions, im seriously considering the end of the world…

would there even be one?

biologically speaking, species will find a way to live…. there’s always going to be a way to live.. like how some organisms can be females at a given temperature, or males at another temperature… there’ll always be a way to live…

ok, supposedly some major disaster struck, and majority of the human population vanishes, like the dinosaurus’ did…. there’ll still be a minority few that will have the genes to live with the new environmental conditions… and there will still be a few insects and animals that will be able to survive… and these will propagate and the world will continue…

i guess what they mean by the end of the world would be, no more Homo sapiens… my guess is, some will survive, and they’ll evolve, and become some other Hominid species.. i mean, we arent the first humans you know….

there was the Homo habilis (first humans) almost 2.2 million yrs ago..

they evolved and became known as Homo erectus almost 2 million yrs ago..

then they evolved to become Homo sapiens neanderthals some 200 000 yrs ago…

and then we came, almost 130 000 yrs ago…

so you see, if the human species took over 2 million yrs to evolve, what will we be in another 2 million yrs, given the increasing environmental heat, perhaps increasing water levels….

we could evolve to be the only human species that can breathe in water and land.. we might be known as Homo amphibinids (copyright to Miss Pegasus – if you ever find this blog and decide to name the new species amphibinid, PLS ACKNOWLEDGE!)

this new species would be able to survive in extreme temperatures, under water (cos alot of the things above water now might be under water if temperatures keep increasing), and maybe they’ll be able respire with carbon dioxide…

of course the last one’s a really tall order cos everything we know abt respiration and oxidation and all the cycles in the biological systems will all be wrong and have to be re-written again…

but who knows… right…?

so in my opinion, the end of the world is not feasible.. someone or something would still be around to live in whatever the world becomes in the future…

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Posted by on April 6, 2007 in i-Bio, i-Marvel


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