18 Mar

i just watched Animal planet’s documentary on Jellyfish, and i wanted to write abt them, but somehow, i thought abt reading palms and googled palmistry instead.. so this is what the 2 tests i took says abt my life… of course, that is again dependant on whether i read my palm correctly… just for fun… :p

Test 1

First let’s take a look at your Life Line.  You have the best kind of Life Line,
long and clearly marked.  This shows that you will possess good health, vitality
and a very nice life expectancy.  The wide swooping motion of your Life Line
indicates strength, enthusiasm and an improved love life.  The break in your
Life Line may be an indicator of an accident or serious illness.  This break is
an indication of a sudden change in your life situation.
Now let’s see what your Head Line had to say.  Your Head Line is deep, long  and
straight, stretching across the palm.  This indicates a logical and direct way
of thinking. The straighter the line, the more realistic the thinking, and the
deeper the line, the better the memory.  The joining of your Head Line and Life
Line at the beginning indicates that your strong sense of mind generally rules
over your body. You also look at childhood with a cautious and fearful outlook.

The last line we’ll look at is your Heart Line.  A slight disregard to the true
meaning of love and its responsibilities are indicated by a Heart Line like
yours that starts between the middle and index finger.  You tend to easily give
your heart away.  The break in you Heart Line indicates an emotional loss.  This
can sometimes indicate the end of an affair.

 You have a spade-shaped hand.  This is the hand of an inventor.  You are
probably very good with all things mechanical.  Often those who’ve forged new
paths in science and engineering have a spade-shaped hand.  Women who have this
type of hand enjoy do-it-yourself projects (decorating and sewing).  It also
gives these women a manual dexterity greater than most men have.

Test 2

Believing in yourself

The signs we read in your palm indicate you have much to gain by having faith and trusting your own inner goodness. By putting directed energy toward your own self-confidence, your efforts will be returned multi-fold.

Life LineThe Life Line reveals your approach to life and how you handle uncertainty or hardship. It is a common misconception that the Life Line can tell you when you will die. Even persons with relatively short Life Lines can live a long life. Generally, the information that can be gleaned from your Life Line pertains to your overall outlook and the ease with which you will travel through your life.

You’re likely to feel most comfortable when you are close to home and probably wouldn’t like to live too far from your family. Your desire for safety and security leads you to seek supportive relationships with your family and close friends.One of the most important things to you in life is to make sure that you are living your life to its fullest. When you have regrets, they are likely to stem from a sense of not having done enough or wishing that you had done something differently.

When you are confronted with difficulties in life, you may sometimes have trouble expressing yourself. With this challenge, it is hard to ask for help when you really need it.

Head LineThe Head Line reveals how you process information and think through problems. It is a common misconception that the Head Line can tell you how intelligent you are. Persons with various styles of Head Lines can be very smart, but in different ways. Primarily, the information that can be gathered from your Head Line pertains to your particular way of understanding the information you come into contact with throughout your life.

When it comes to leadership, you are probably quite comfortable in either the role of the leader or the follower. Since taking charge is not necessarily something you covet, you are usually fine with stepping aside to let someone else take the lead. However, if no one else steps up, you know you are capable of taking on the leader role.Your thought process tends to be rational and analytical. One could say that you probably enjoy being occupied with big, complex problems. Even more rewarding is finding solutions that will make a difference. However, your complex thought process could come off as being unusual or overly convoluted.

The projects that you tend to like the most are ones where you are sleuthing for a solution to a complicated problem or set of issues.

While you are capable of multi-tasking, you’d probably rather take a methodical approach, thinking through things one step at a time and preferring only to begin one phase of a project after the last phase has been completed.

Heart LineThe Heart Line reveals how you handle the relationships in your life and how comfortable you are with intimacy. It is a common misconception that the Heart Line can tell you definitively what relationships you will have in the future. On average, the information that can be collected from your Heart Line indicates the influences in your life that have in the past or will in the future affect your personal relationships, including friends, family, and significant other(s).

Your ability to be intimate with others may be influenced by a lack of commitment. You may find it difficult to make emotional promises, even if you are married. People you don’t know well may find you somewhat distant.In a tight knit relationship, you tend to be an independent person with a calm and cool disposition. Your ideal life mate will likely prize you for your loyalty and practicality. At times, you may find that you get yourself into trouble in your relationships by being too isolated and inattentive.

For more information about your close relationships with others, see the “Attachment Lines” section of this report below.

Destiny LineThe Destiny Line (also called the Saturn Line) reveals changes in your personal drive and focus over time. There is much that a palmist can tell about your career and/or personal drive, including approximate timing of major events or changes — just by looking at the Destiny Line! Primarily, the information garnered from your Destiny Line on your right palm — the Palm you looked at to answer the questions on this test — pertains to your career. In turn, the information gathered from your Destiny Line on your left palm pertains to your personal sense of purpose.

Your career choice is likely influenced by your intense focus, along with your gifted ability to systematically set and achieve goals. Dedicated and persistent, the job most likely to make you work around the clock is one that rewards your steady and unwavering pace toward completing objectives.Chance and luck may play a big factor in your chosen career. There may be a time that you have to choose a certain direction. To make a decision, it’s probably best to keep your mind open to the different options that come your way.

Apollo LineThe Apollo Line can predict your level of creativity and flexibility, although not everyone has an Apollo Line; it is a vertical line that appears below your ring finger.

The absence of an Apollo Line in your palm does not indicate a lack of creativity or flexibility. Rather, it suggests that you’re about average or slightly above in creativity. Although, it could mean that you may not receive recognition as an expert or specialist in your field.

Mercury LineThe Mercury Line can foretell your skill at communication or psychic ability. However, not everyone has a Mercury Line; it is a vertical line that appears below your pinky finger.

The presence of a Mercury Line — especially a long or deep one — suggests an exceptional talent in spoken prose. A person holding a Mercury Line is highly likely to have excellent public speaking skills.Your palm does not contain the Line of Psychic Ability, which resembles an arc that is an extension of a person’s Mercury Line. While psychics do not always have the Line of Psychic Ability, those who have the line can more easily tap into their paranormal skills. While you may have psychic abilities, you will likely have a more difficult time accessing them than someone with the Line of Psychic Ability.

Attachment LinesThe Attachment Lines reveal the major relationships you may have with others. Traditional palmists engage in ample debate about the validity of these lines as predictions of marriages and children. However, most agree that the attachment lines indicate the possibility that a person might marry or have children, whether they choose to or not is a decision left to the individual.

A palmist would say that you will be married one time or have one committed relationship that does not lead to marriage. At some point, you will need to make a decision that will either move you forward or draw you away from this relationship. A palmist would say that you probably won’t choose to bring children into your life, although the opportunity to do so is there for you.

The mounds of your palm can tell you what kinds of energy you possess naturally and which energies will be more difficult for you to access. Through a careful examination of the fleshy areas of your hand, you can learn which areas of life you will be most likely to find success. The following traits were determined by looking at the shape and color of different areas of your hand.

Mound of Jupiter

The Mound of Jupiter — located in the upper right corner of your palm, just below your index finger — is related to your personal power, your hopes and ambitions, and your ability to lead others.

You are blessed with a strong Mound of Jupiter. So, what does that mean? When you are at your best, the clear goals you set go hand-in-hand with your self-motivated direction. Together these qualities tend to set you apart from others as a strong leader.

Mound of Saturn

The Mound of Saturn — located in the upper portion of your palm, just below your middle finger — is related to your concept of self-worth, personal satisfaction, and security.

Your palm reveals a somewhat poor Mound of Saturn, as affirmed by its shape and color. You probably don’t have an innate gift for self-reflection or personal accountability. To tap into your inner tranquility all you need to do is put forth the commitment to change. It’s well within your reach!

Mound of Apollo

The Mound of Apollo — located in the upper portion of your palm, just below your ring finger — is related to self-expression, originality, and recognition of your talents by others.

You possess a hearty Mound of Apollo. When you’re at the top of your game, you exude creativity effortlessly. Thinking quick on your feet is what you’re known for. This along with your inventiveness sets you apart from the rest. If anyone is looking for an original perspective, they often come to you as an endless source of unique ideas.

Mound of Mercury

The Mound of Mercury — located in the upper portion of your palm, just below your pinky finger — is related to intimacy, spiritual understanding, and interpersonal communication.

You can tell by its great shape and color that a healthy dose of Mound of Mercury sits in your palm. When things are going well for you, one could say that communicating clearly is your strong point. You really understand what makes people tick. Others feel comfortable sharing intimate details of their life with you that they may not with others. Family and friends look to you as a deep and insightful confidant.

Mound of Mars

Upper Mound of Mars

The Upper Mound of Mars located in the middle left portion of your palm — is related to inner calm, boldness, and skill at dealing with life’s problems.

The plump shape and color in your palm signifies a strong Upper Mound of Mars. When you have your best foot forward, you have the uncanny ability to maintain your cool in the midst of chaos. This singles you out from the rest as an exceptionally stable and brave individual.

Lower Mound of Mars

The Lower Mound of Mars — located in the middle right portion of your palm — is related to action, aggressiveness, and the momentum to make things happen.

You’re all that, with your strong Lower Mound of Mars, as indicated by its healthy shape and color. On your best days, your take-charge attitude makes people stop and listen. This is a great attribute along with your energetic approach to life that is contagious. You stand out above others as extremely motivated.

Mound of Venus

The Mound of Venus — located in the lower right portion of your palm — is related to love, sympathy, and depth of emotion.

You can tell by its shape and color that you have a relatively poor Mound of Venus. Most likely, you’re not a natural born listener. People know not to come to you with their problems. You just don’t want to hear them. Don’t be discouraged though — there is hope! However, to become more compassionate toward others, you must put forth the effort!

Mound of Moon

The Mound of Moon — located in the lower left portion of your palm — is related to intuition, mental acuity, and adeptness with thinking outside the box.

You have a relatively weak Mound of Moon, as evidenced by its shape and color. Your shortcoming may be in your inability to be inventive. You may often stick to the same old plan instead of conjuring up fresh ways of doing things. Digging inside yourself to reveal your true imagination will demand a concentrated effort.

Your Fingers and Thumb
While you may not consider the fingers and thumbs as part of a palm reading, they really do play a significant part of a traditional hand analysis. Palmists read signs in the fingers and thumb as well as using them as landmarks for other parts of the reading. The interpretation of the mounds and lines of the palm are highly influenced by their proximity to each finger and the thumb.

The shape of your fingers and thumb reveal that you are a practical person. You may find that you enjoy structure in certain situations. To solve many issues in life you use a logical approach. The finger and thumb shape create energies that influence the reading of each of your fingers and thumb and by extension, your entire palm.

Your index finger, also called the Jupiter Finger, traditionally corresponds with leadership abilities. Your Jupiter Finger is strong which means you probably enjoy being in charge. You’ll likely prefer to have a team of people working under your direction and enjoy guiding people to meet their potential. Your index finger leans away from your middle finger, indicating your need for independence and autonomy. While being able to do things on your own is often a welcomed attribute, you need to examine your level of self-sufficiency. It should not prohibit you from asking for help when you need it.

Your middle finger, also called the Saturn Finger, traditionally corresponds with confidence. Your palm bears a strong Saturn Finger. One could probably bet your sense of self- worth ranks high. It is more likely that you take risks in life because you believe in your ability to succeed.

Your ring finger, also called the Apollo Finger, traditionally corresponds with creativity. You have a strong Apollo Finger, which may mean you were born with your own creative nature. You probably love contributing to the world in ways that challenge you to think of unusual and original methods of doing things. Your ring finger leans in toward your middle finger, indicating your concern for the consequences of your actions. This tendency may be hampering your creativity because you are always thinking in terms of boundaries and limitations.

Your pinky finger, also called the Mercury Finger, traditionally corresponds with insight and understanding. You are blessed with a strong Mercury Finger. As a result, you probably find that you have a natural talent for understanding other people. Your friends usually routinely turn to you for your insight. Your guidance helps them understand their interactions with others. Your pinky finger leans in away from your ring finger, revealing your strong notion to think as individual and not adopt mainstream ideas.

Your thumb can be read to ascertain your level of flexibility when it comes to dealing with people or unpredictable situations. Your thumb proves that you can be somewhat stubborn at times. It may be to such an extent that you struggle with radical changes.

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