team work

12 Mar

so im back in sch…. feeling sick…

im going to clean my table today, and then mark a few scripts…. and then continue to work on PGD pre run slides….

the designing for PGD has been cancelled, cos of cost constraints. and the Boss said there’s no need for a souvenier…… so… no designing. a little disappointed, but anyways, disappointments are common, and fine…

and having designed for just 1 souvenier, i feel the effort put into it… its fun, but its hard too… have to consider so many things, and the image you want to portray, and the message you want to get across….. being a designer is not an easy thing… i find its better to work as a team of designers, rather than just 1 person (i suppose one might eventually run out of ideas)……

back in NUS, when i was doing this business module, we were shown this video clip on how organisations make the environment condusive for employees. one of the sections showcased this advertising firm, where members of a team brainstorm ideas… it was fantastic… working with different ppl’s ideas, learning to laugh over silly ideas and still work around the idea, forcing yourself to incorporate and accept other’s ideas, learning to discard those that are good but not realistic…

many are just too quick to discard other’s ideas… you see, if someone suggests it, then that person sees a link between the topic and the idea… so we should work around it…

dont belittle an idea…

the benefits of teamwork is not appreciated at lower levels.. and those who have reached the top, mostly have seen the fruits of team work… cos teams cover up for other members negatives, and also heighten the positives..

a pity, sometimes individualistic aims and selfish gains are preferred over a common goal…

like my Boss mentioned before the interview by MOE. We are a team working on this prototype. its not abt what he says or what she says. in the end, its our sch thats being showcased. so we share as a team.

and i agree totally with what she said…

i think there has to be a certain level of maturity to work in a team…. i hear alot of complains from students when they have to do group work…. some are free riders, some insist on their ideas, some delay submitting their part, some dont go for meetings……..

how much do they benefit? sec 2s will be doing Project Work in semester 2. if im taking my class for PW, i think i will get them to do reflections on how they feel their team is working and how they can improve…… maybe sharing by other teams… maybe sharing their problems with working in a team… will see how…

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