pedes family

12 Mar

when i was a kid, i was told that centipedes had 100 legs and millipedes has 1000 legs… and i believed it, and never bothered to find out whether that was true, until now.


  • legs are short
  • legs are under the body
  • have 2 legs on each segment of the body
  • they curl up when disturbed
  • harmless to men, but millipede secretions may be corrosive to eyes
  • usually dark brown or black in colour
  • they are decomposers


  • legs are longer
  • leags stick out from the sides of the body
  • have 1 leg on each segment of the body, so the legs are alternate
  • the last legs are not used for movement
  • the front legs are modified for attack, could even hurt humans if the centipedes are big
  • is grayish yellow with 3 dark stripes on top
  • feeds on small insects and arthropods (Yep.. they are carnivores! bet you didnt know that!)

so there you go…… at least now i know the real difference between centipedes and millipedes!

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Posted by on March 12, 2007 in i-Bio


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