Life at the poles

25 Feb

can you imagine having 6 mths of day and 6 mths of night! its little wonder why, in addition to the fact that its extremely cold there, nobody lives at the north and south poles….

its this phenomenon called midnight sun (polar day) and polar night. because the earth is tilted, the poles dont see sunlight for almost 6 mths!

the earth takes 24 hrs to rotate abt its axis. every planet has its days and nights. but how long the days and nights are depend on

  1. the size of the planet
  2. the rate of rotation
  3. the planet’s axis

so, while earth takes 24 hrs to rotate, jupiter takes 1o hrs…..!

but the earth doesnt just rotate on its axis. it also rotates around the sun. and thats where polar day and night happens. during half the orbit, the north pole is facing the sun. so there’s abt 6 mths of daylight for the northpole and 6 mths of night time for south pole. during the second half of the orbit, the south pole is aligned with the sun. so thats 6 mths of sunlight for southpole and 6 mths of night time for northpole…

was just reading abt aurora. you know, the thing where electrons and other charged particles in the air behave near the poles where magnetic attraction is the strongest…. ya.. so when they arrange themselves in this particular manner near the poles, light is given off (emitted)…..

and ppl see things like this:


beautiful right… so mesmerising.. i think mostly sailors get to see this…. must be magical…

cool eh….. was never that much into astronomy… but its still an exciting field to study…

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