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Life at the poles

can you imagine having 6 mths of day and 6 mths of night! its little wonder why, in addition to the fact that its extremely cold there, nobody lives at the north and south poles….

its this phenomenon called midnight sun (polar day) and polar night. because the earth is tilted, the poles dont see sunlight for almost 6 mths!

the earth takes 24 hrs to rotate abt its axis. every planet has its days and nights. but how long the days and nights are depend on

  1. the size of the planet
  2. the rate of rotation
  3. the planet’s axis

so, while earth takes 24 hrs to rotate, jupiter takes 1o hrs…..!

but the earth doesnt just rotate on its axis. it also rotates around the sun. and thats where polar day and night happens. during half the orbit, the north pole is facing the sun. so there’s abt 6 mths of daylight for the northpole and 6 mths of night time for south pole. during the second half of the orbit, the south pole is aligned with the sun. so thats 6 mths of sunlight for southpole and 6 mths of night time for northpole…

was just reading abt aurora. you know, the thing where electrons and other charged particles in the air behave near the poles where magnetic attraction is the strongest…. ya.. so when they arrange themselves in this particular manner near the poles, light is given off (emitted)…..

and ppl see things like this:


beautiful right… so mesmerising.. i think mostly sailors get to see this…. must be magical…

cool eh….. was never that much into astronomy… but its still an exciting field to study…

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so whats the trend now??

i must have been reincarnated as a sponge this birth…. at the rate im going, i think i might breakdown before my students do…….. sigh…

whats the hype in slashing wrists? hitting knuckles on the wall till they bleed? what am i do say? i never did these things cos i was too afraid of pain. still am…. but…

does it help in any way? does your problem disappear?

you know it doesnt work that way. why choose to cloud yourself with these thoughts? i believe you know what should be done. you know it. everyone of us knows what to do in every situation. everyone does. its just a matter of whether we choose to face it. whether we have the courage to commit to it. that inner voice says it all. listen to that. it’s the most divine help you can get….

and seriously, its hurting me as much as its hurting you. please. stop self mutilating yourselves. it is not fashionable. and its not as courageous as you think it is… im very upset and very disappointed. love yourself. dont hurt yoursef.

why choose to fail your subjects because your dad called you a loser? why not choose to do well because your mom believes you can? why not do it to prove others wrong? why not do it because i care? because i believe everyone of you has the potential. why not do it because you deserve a chance at life. why waste it?

find that reason, to do well for yourself. because you deserve it. because i believe you can do it. because you know that you will be a role model for others…. have confidence and believe in yourself.

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finally i got into my shoes!

my alarm rang at 8.15. so irritated cos my plans to wake up no earlier than 10am during the hols isnt going on track at the moment.

i’ve got to get up at 9am tomorrow cos im so very excited abt seeing Rob and Amber again!

anyhow, i managed to get out of my bed, wear my shoes and get out of the house by 9am. went tracking at Bt timah. i just love that place. so many things to see. creatures there seem to call out, “spot me!” “spot me”…..

and some flying creatures buzzed around me saying, “snap me!” “snap me!”…….  i was freaked out thinking that i was going to get bitten by a bee while in the middle of a jungle.. where its so difficult to pin point a specific place for medical aid to arrive before i pass out and roll down the hill and get scratched here and there by all the screw pines and rattans and then have creatures eat me alive……………….. and no one would even know… 😦

guess what it turned out to be…..


never seen such a huge fly in my life before….

another amazing jungle creature. it was well camouflaged.


dont know what its called though….


and, im guessing this is a cricket.

from what i know, cicada’s have bigger wings than crickets. im not much of an insect fan, but i love nature nonetheless……. as long as i dont have creatures in my room!

nice right!!! This is a Giant Jungle Ant. very mild. not a danger at all. such a sweet thing… awwww… im so in love with it, i took a video of it doing its thing with its feelers… so pretty!

and, if for some reason, i was shrunken (to a size smaller than an ant) by my dad’s shrinking machine because a baseball came flying through the window, and then get swept away and thrown into the jungle, i’ll probably find comfort hiding in this……

too bad there’s not cookie in the trunk….. gosh, i really enjoyed that show!

anyway, so i was just walking along, panting… i stopped………… my favouritest jungle plant in the whole wide world!!!! The Macaranga triloba!!!! the symbiotic relationship between ants and the plant’s modified stipule…. yay… pretty aei….

so, after complaining of tire (cos you know i hardly exercise, and i cant possibly climb the hill without stopping a million times), i decided to walk up the slope instead…. and… i reached the top… yea!!!

next week…. one more time! if i can wake up, that is.

anyhow, whatever weight i lost at bt timah hill was put back on with a 2-piece chicken (crispy) and 2 winglets and 5 pieces of popcorn chicken and some coleslaw………………


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breaking through…

watched Ice Princess 2 nights ago and coyote ugly for the 4th time today….

watched 2 girls grow, from all their insecurities and self doubt, to become successful ppl…

its so amazing the strength the characters have….. as true as it is that they are just TV characters, there are life examples of those who have been through shit in their lives and have worked hard to reach where they have reached. to be somebody. someday.

Ida Hyde became the very first woman to ever do research at Harvard, at an era where testosterone was believed to be the only leader/human.

and all it takes is some courage and effort.

seriously, its so easy to be a wastrel… its so easy to waste your life away, and do nothing productive. anyone can become a nobody. i can waste my life away. so can you. and so can you. and you. and everybody else. its the easiest thing to do. its so easy to not put in any effort.

but once in a while, someone with a little courage. and little persistence goes all out to do something in his or her own way. to achieve something. and become someone.

i felt like crying when i saw one of the netball girls stand up in front of the half the sch, to be named one of the top students in Kranji with 6 distinctions. 5 mths prior to her O level exams, her subject teachers were concerned that she’s not focussing. that she’s too distracted. she was just making it through her tests. she was in the bottom hald of the class. somehow, in the end, she made it. and i was so proud of her….

and its really inspirational. to see that ppl do achieve their dreams. as hard as it may be, it is possible. if they could just put in a little effort. and a little extra push. it can be done.

can i achieve mine?

whats my dream?

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Giant squids

have i mentioned that im totally in love with marine creatures! as much as i love the beach, i love those creatures even more. ive seen the pictures En took when he went diving with his friends… so cool!  

so, i was totally mesmerised when the news came out abt the first ever photograph of the giant squid.

now check out the video of the glowing giant squid homing around a fish bait.

isnt it cool! can you imagine having fried giant squid O Chang Kee style!!!!!!!!! no you cant!!! because its as big as a bus. its eyes can be as big as a beach ball! what do you expect… its the largest invertebrate on the planet. 

you’d have to be as big as the sperm whale (one of the largest whales around) if you want to eat giant squids for dinner! the giant squids eat fish, prawns… maybe small sharks too. actually, despite their long long body, they arent that big. because most of the length is made up by its really long arms. those 8 arms are very long.

most of their studies were made from dead giant squids. they are mostly really deep sea inhabitants, so its hard for most divers to reach such depths. and its also hard to see cos its really dark.

you know, of all the places scientists study, the ocean is one of those places where there is much more to study. so mesmerised!

Giant Squid taxonomy:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phyllum: Mollusca

Class: Cephalopoda

Order: Teutida

Family: Architeuthidae

Genus: Architeuthis

Species: dux

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