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Devotion to Duty

found this website on a friend’s blog.. and it contains great humour!

here’s one of it..

Devotion to Duty

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my best + your best = our best

and so the countdown begins..

7 days to N levels and 24 days to O levels……

gonna pick up my energy and boost my way through! we can do it ppl! im gonna do it! there’s no other time, no excuses, no second chances. we will do it right the first time!

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ICCS 2010 @ Kranji bund

coastal clean up was timely… i was almost getting withdrawal symptoms from not being on the waters for a couple of months! ha…

the slope down to the mudflats was already quite cleared up, as compared to all the previous visits. i want to see if its always this cleaned up.

here’s hang chong with the briefing which was divided into 3 segments (horseshoe crabs, mangroves and cleanup + safety)

soon after, we headed down to the shoreline and started the rubbish-collection.

we saw a dead thunder crab.

we picked up all sorts of things. and almost everything we turned over, we had these wormy worms crawling out. and trust me, these worms never seem to end…. you pull one out, and you’ll never get to see the end of that one. it seems to be able to pull itself thin!

HH found an old casette player. just one side of it.

someone else found an old camera: check out the brand! OLYMPIC!

 we also found quite a number of horseshoe crabs trapped in fishing nets.

lesley cut the nets and tried to release the HSCs, while i cleared out a bag of HSCs that some fishermen rescued.

most of them were already dead. some which had lost their tails.

one breath taking moment was when we saw the white bellied sea eagle scoop up its meal… the video is in my previous post.

soon after,clean up was over too soon.. i still had energy to clear more rubbish, but still we managed to bag over 648kg of rubbish of all sorts.

more data is available on the ICCS blog.

after that, our makan kechil was fun, with KP and allan leading songs…

many of them brought their own utensils, and im guilty of not bringing mine!

with CC enjoying their songs

and our lead guitarists…

it was night, as we left the place, i stood watching across the waters for a while….

“if only i can spend some time cleaning up my room and sch table like i did today”



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white bellied sea eagle

we saw this eagle come so low down to the waters at low tide at Kranji Mudflats. it was so huge. all of us stood there for a while to catch the action!

sad thing was that i stopped the video just before it caught a big fish from the water! darn! missed a national geographic moment caught on tape!

anyway, here’s how the eagle looks… (the pic is not mine)

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30 days of hell

a student correctly described how i felt abt the upcoming mountainous challenge ahead.

“sounds like it’s going to be a month of hell” he said.

and i said, “it’s going to be a month of hell”

sec 4 and 5. and inbetween, the not-so-impt sec 1 and 3.

ive got one student on holiday in another country. i asked her friend why, and she said, “cher… we also need a break you know” and i stared at her, wide-eyed, in utter shock.

“you need a break in between your N level papers!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?”

no comments. seriously.

someone mentioned to me “if students dont study, what can you do?” and i thought to myself, if students dont study, there’s nothing much i can do.

but…………. i cant stop doing things just because students dont study.

and you know what, i’ll squeeze every ounce of energy, every last drop of sweat, every second of the time i have to drive them through this one month.

after my papers end, rest assured that i will fall sick. but hey, what does it matter. just that, if i have to do this every single year, i might die of hypertension sooner than i think.

its going to be a month of hell. cheers to that stan.


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awesome juggler

just for fun…. i recieved this from a friend…

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marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus)

now and then when i browse channels, i stumble upon some interesting animal and i stop to watch that channel in total awe……….

they were featuring the marine iguana on the animal planet and the marine iguana is only found on the galapagos islands.

did you know that no other lizards dive and eat in the sea except the marine iguanas? they are postulated to have evolved from land iguanas that were had been adrift to the galapagos – adapting to the various islands. they eat algae and seaweed. because they feed in salt water, they have special glands that allow them to excrete the salt. these glands are located on their heads, and spray out when they eat. causing them to have salt encrusted heads.. haha..

they look so aweful that charles darwin the man himself describe this reptile as ‘hideous-looking’ and ‘most disgusting clumsy lizards’! haha… what a way for a biologist to describe a one of a kind animal!

they do look colourful during mating season though. while usually seen in grey or black colour, during mating times, the males turn to shades of red, green or teal blue. isnt that cool!

even then, animals that were not originally part of the islands have become their predators and their numbers are declining. they might go extinct soon.

its sad that while we are at the age where we can witness the extinction of animals, we still are unable to effectively store cells in hopes of resurrecting them. thousands of yrs ago when we lost so many of the animals that we see fossilized now, to think science is still not advanced enough to preserve the cells for the future…….


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swimming with great whites

like what he says at the end, there’s no other experience that could make this second best.

simply amazing. and im truly blown away.


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not just a beach clean up

coastal clean up started last week…. you can follow Singapore’s official blog for information on how much rubbish is going to be collected in singapore shores soon when all the clean-up ICs submit their records…

im going down next week and i guess getting muddy and dirty isnt the way most ppl spend their saturday night. ive got students sharing abt marine debris and their effects on marine life and i hope they through this sharing with the public, they are more conscious of their environments. hopefully develop a sense of responsibility and love for the environment.

its not just a beach clean up. its an international effort to show how much rubbish is in our ocean. tons and tons of rubbish. and ppl dont feel guilty because they cant see where the rubbish goes = not their problem. but, have they ever stopped to consider that so much of their food comes from the ocean, and these rubbish does kill the marine animals.

but of course, for pp like me, its not abt the food… its abt the rich biodiversity that you find under water. it truly is a special world there. and i hope more and more ppl will see that and stop throwing litter that will eventually get to the seas…

will update on this next week!

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things ppl say, things ppl mean….

i just got back from an extended family meeting/squabble. the kind that ive kept away from for the past 8 years. i went today because i wanted someone to know that i knew. that there was no point lying and pretending that things were all smooth and that everyone was part of one big happy family.

i was just a spectator. but im actually still a little in shock having witnessed some voice-raising, and finger-pointing, the pain that came out from the way the words were stringed to show the emotions. and not knowing what to do/think/feel after i come back home, i go straight to my room and get onto my student fb account.

a sting of student updates on their lives. and i wondered how a child would feel if he was admist all the noise i was hearing at the gathering. as an adult, i still cant decipher my thoughts and feelings. what more, as a child. im an adult, and i know that life goes on.

but……….. really………. seriously………

i’d feel extremely bad for any child that has to go through this. any child who isnt in university/graduated from poly yet would never be able to understand family politics.

and all the child might think is, “im sorry, i’ll never misbehave again. stop shouting at each other“. and the worst part is, it isnt even the child’s fault..

my parents didnt shout at each other. but, if a child was admist parents shouting and fighting and disagreeing all the time, i think the child would get sick of life. so much for wanting to create a positive environment for the child to develop. some parents really dont know how to handle.

i cant judge, cos im not a parent. but, i believe there are certain things that cannot be said in front of a child that cant understand how adult relationships work.

with a heavy heart, the child comes to school. loses focus and day dreams in class. the teacher scolds. to the child, he feels that nothing he does satisfies anyone. “why should he even bother?” and then he could possibly give up on even trying to make something out for himself.

i reflected to someone the other day that instead of scolding the student for the action, we should try and find out what it is thats bothering him and tackle that issue first. unfortunately, we dont have that much time to spend repairing every student. maybe a few. but not all……

i really dont know if i have done enough. i hope at least the sch is a form of reprive for students who have issues at home. if i can save everyone, i would. but i cant. im only human.

but saving one starfish, is still a starfish saved.

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